Beautiful Wings – 6

Nimi sighed as she arranged the second to the last couple of files into the drawers. Her new Boss Lara Kitan was as disorganized as the word itself. Maybe it was because she could afford to hire people to work for her and even the most important files she didn’t have close by that disorganization came in pretty handy to her . The secretary Nonye had been given the job to search for the documents from one of their clients that the lawyer had been asked to review last week but since he’d been out of the country at the moment, Lara had kept it somewhere she couldn’t remember.

She knew it was close by though, she remembered Lara saying.

“Are you sure we’re not just doing a jungle chase like this and this woman just wants to punish me?” Nonye asked after she’d searched a whole cabinet drawers on the left side of the room. “Soon, she’ll call you and I’m done for.”

“I could mention it to her that she probably left the files somewhere at home and not in the office.”

“Ahh, it’s like you don’t know Madam. Don’t let her size deceive you o. No way in the world are you to tell her she made a mistake. She wants you to do something, you do it and just pray that she finds out her mistake by herself. Didn’t you know how her last P.A got fired?”

Nimi shook her head. She’d heard so much speculations she was tired of hearing anything again. She wasn’t going to give in to gossip.

“I don’t think I would like to know.”

Nonye frowned. “And why?”

“Nothing. I just don’t do gossip sorry.”

“Oh I forgot. The S.U’s.” Nonye laughed more to herself. “I think I know why she picked you, someone who can cover her dirty tracks whenever she gets one. Don’t worry, she’ll get tired of you the way she does everybody. She feeds on fresh blood.” She sank her teeth into her lips to mimic a vampire looking face and fangs. “She’s a vampire.”

Nimi couldn’t hold it in and laughed to her heart’s content pleased at the way her new friend could turn something from serious to funny.”I’m sure your own blood tastes sweeter than mine, so don’t worry.”

She stood up with another pair of files and headed towards her seat close to the door. Picking up a few to scroll through, she leaned close to reach for her glasses and was about reaching for the files when they all fell to the floor. Just as she was bending low to pick them up and place them back on her desk, she collided into someone entering the office and back to the floor the files fell, papers flying all around.

“Oh no…, what’s this now…” She mumbled and went down to pack the papers. Whoever it was who joined in ruining her day just needed to leave instead of saying sorry to worsen the situation. That wasn’t what she needed right now.

“I’m sorry about that…” The male voice apologized and she shook her head raising a hand without looking up. “It’s okay, I can handle it on my own…”

But he wasn’t listening to her as he stooped down to help her with some papers and that was when she caught a whiff of his perfume. So rich and intoxicating. She almost stumbled back but he caught her wrist in time.

She looked into his eyes then and when she saw who it was, she quickly collected the papers from him and stood up adjusting her glasses.

“Mr…, Mr…” She fumbled with words and hated herself for acting like she wasn’t just in control of her present situation. “I’m sorry sir I didn’t get your name the last time we met at your parent’s house.”

“Just call me Dapo. Hi” He smiled at her, revealing a good dentition. “I didn’t get your name the last time.., is it Oluwanimi or something…”

“Just call me Nimi.” She stifled a smile and waved shyly hoping he would leave her soon and find his way into his sister’s office.

“Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand and though she was surprised by his sudden humility, she received it. “And you too.”

“Miss or Mrs?”

“Miss.., Miss Adeyemi.” She stuttered. He was still holding her hands and she got pretty uncomfortable as she was sure Nonye was staring like an eagle ready to pounce on her for gist after her Boss’s brother walks inside.

“That other day we didn’t have the time to talk did we?”

Talk about? She hardly knew this guy. He was gorgeous and all but that didn’t mean she was going to be moved by his charms.


She blinked realizing she’d been staring at him for too long. Kai, this staring habit of hers was beginning to get out of hand. On a normal day she would have looked away long ago. She didn’t have the ability to hold stares for that long and why was she doing that now?

“I…uh.., I didn’t…”

The door barged open and Lara stepped outside and stopped when she saw her brother. Nimi quickly removed her hand and attended to the matters at hand when brother and sister saw each other and smiled.

“My one and only!” She spread her arms to receive him and planted a kiss on his cheek leaving a lipstick stain. “The most important man in my life before Soji.”

“Don’t let him hear that o.” He teased hugging her back. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, I was just about stepping out to check on my P.A about the appointments I have for the rest of the day. When you called you were close, I decided to postpone my other appointments I had scheduled for the day. Oh by the way, have you met my new P.A, Kemi’s friend Nimi. She’s like the best thing that ever happened to me since hot spicy sharwarma.” She chuckled and faced Nimi.

“Call my lawyer and ask if he can come tomorrow instead and then the guy that wanted to do the photo shoot, remind me to get back to him but please make sure he doesn’t come around. The next thing I know, he’ll be charging me money for a message I didn’t send him. Is there anything else I scheduled for today or did someone call?”

“One of your friends Mabel called and asked to see you for lunch, the P.A of one Senator Aluko was calling to remind you about your meeting in Abuja this Friday and then your fiancee called and asked that you get back to him ASAP. Those were his exact words.”

“Okay, thanks. I’ll be going out soon with my brother. Is it possible to help me get some of my clothes from the dry cleaners which I dropped this morning? I can ask Saheed to get you there and take you to my house if transport is going to be a problem.”

Nimi quickly picked a pen to take down a few notes.

Lara looked at her wrist-watch and frowned. “I’ll be needing you in the office still. Do come back on time so you can help me with some of the files I might be needing for Abuja this weekend. That’s if I can make it since I don’t know if something else might come up for me this weekend besides that wedding Riscot invited me to.”

She looked up at her brother winking at him. “Let me get my purse and we’ll be out of my office in a jiffy.”


Nimi glanced up and saw that her once upon a ‘admirer’ had turned his attention to his phone and she heaved a sigh of relief. When brother and sister left the office, Nonye pounced on her just as she was expecting.

She was able to stop her before she went any further. “Don’t even think about it. He was just being formal and polite that’s all.” She placed the pile of folders she’d picked from the drawers and grinned mischievously. “You’ve got a lot of work to do girlfriend. I would advise you to start now while I run my errands.”

Nonye shook her head and smiled pointing a pen at her. “Feeling smart with yourself huh?”

“I’m not feeling smart, I’m smart.” She winked. “What’s a girl gotta do.” Picking her bag and dropping the notes inside together with the ipad mini her new Boss had given her, she hurried off.

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