Beautiful Wings- 5

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Soji Bello stared blankly at the documents sitting presently on his table knowing his work had suffered two days after he received the news that Aisha was pregnant. At first he thought she was only bluffing but she had the results waiting for him when he went over to their rendezvous yesterday. He wanted to swear that he wasn’t the father of the baby and he was sure he wasn’t the only man presently in her life but if word came out that she was carrying his baby, then he was finished.

She was ready to prove the child’s paternity by going for a DNA test when she delivered.

She was that certain she was carrying his baby.

All his hopes and dreams for being adopted as Chief Olakitan’s son in law was at stake and the man would not only strip him of all he had, he would make sure he had nowhere to run and hide. Lara loved him no doubt, but he knew her love burned and it would leave him scorched if he betrayed her the second time.

Both father and daughter would make sure he was a dead man walking. Lara was the apple of Chief’s eye. He remembered the day the man had been watching him intently and with his daughter’s ramblings, he kept watching him as if there was something about him that stank.

Right now, he wasn’t ready to prove the man’s assumptions right.

The thought of him leaving the country not returning for a long time dropped into his mind and it vanished almost immediately. He wasn’t going to hide forever. Besides, his hopes of getting a placement in other countries Chief promised to place him was crushed. What about getting a job and surviving? He’d been placed on the family wealth but it was tied to them like a blood covenant. Things got good when he was good and things got nasty if he tried anything funny.

Chief had told him that would end once he got married to his daughter. He’d heard some rumours that something similar had happened to Lara years ago and so that precautionary step was taken.

He stood up and adjusted his tie wondering why an air-conditioned room suddenly felt hot at the moment. He had suggested to Aisha to travel out of the country since she was also from an opulent family though the Kitan’s were well known and hers couldn’t stand a chance beside them.

He’d asked her what she intended doing with her pregnancy though abortion lingered somewhere at the back of his mind.

Aisha had other plans.

The plans revolved around her parading around Lara with her protruding abdomen so that she could gloat in her face that she was the one who had a hold on Him.

He wasn’t going to let that happen. She was out of her mind if she thought that would make him stick to her.

His mind flashed to how they’d met. Lara had introduced her as her best friend from secondary school before she traveled to the UK for her university education though they still kept in touch. They shared practically everything together except for guys. Aisha was received into the Kitan’s home anytime and would even sleep over. They would share the same room and even do the same style on some days. Aisha was very pretty due to her part fulani descent.

She was fair and had her own share of flatterers and suitors.

He became a competition the day Aisha had set eyes on him first.

He didn’t know any of their background story but he knew the two women had something in common and whatever issues they were having, he was the reason.

It was in a bar. He’d been invited for a friend’s birthday party that was thrown in grand style and he had only come with the intention of having fun and that was all.

Things changed when he saw a pretty young looking girl sitting on a couch looking around as if looking for someone and as if she was uncomfortable sitting all alone. He wasn’t a charmer, but he knew he had to try before someone else beat him to it. She looked like someone who would have lots of suitors but that didn’t intimidate him. He’d had his own share of women that thought he was the next best thing that could happen to them.


She blinked and looked up under her beautiful lashes. If he was superstitious, he would have thought her a mermaid.

She was even more beautiful than he initially thought her to be.

And her body in that dress totally screamed at him.

She waved shyly and continued looking around like he was just something distracting and nothing important. He knew he had to show her that he was important and took a seat beside her confidently.

In 30 minutes time, she was laughing and opening up to him. He was about asking for her number when someone bumped into them and when he looked up, he saw someone that looked like Aisha. Same hairstyle, same dress. Only she was more spirited and her face had well defined cheekbones and full lips painted red.

It was probably the light that made them look alike. Right now, the two were as different as East was from the West.

When Lara saw him, she waved beaming brightly. The way her eyes shone, she looked like she’d gotten a little drunk.

“Who’s the hunk?” She asked her friend grinning more to herself than to him.

“Uh, Lara, this is Soji Bello, Soji, this is Lara, my best friend turned sister.” Aisha responded.

“Oh…, nice to meet you.” She stretched out a hand and shook him slightly belching. “Oops sorry.” She giggled. “Care to dance?”

He looked at Aisha wondering if she was going to explain the chemistry that was already brewing between them but she shrugged as if their 30 minutes conversation hadn’t meant anything to her.

He turned to look at Lara who was already sliding her fingers into His. “C’mon Aisha doesn’t mind. Or you can even dance with the both of us” She winked at her friend. “Babe, let’s show this guy who’s got the moves.”

She shook her head slightly. Soji was almost convinced Aisha was acting like a babysitter over Lara making sure she didn’t lose her cool and get involved in the life of the party.

“Don’t say I didn’t ask o.” Lara drawled and the two of them were gone. That night they’d made out heavily but due to her age and her present state as he surmised she was half drunk, he didn’t sleep with her but made sure she got home safe.

The next time they had met was years later in Manchester during his Master’s programme while she was about rounding up as well at the time.

And since then, the two of them had been together. Aisha came into his life a year after they met when she’d introduced them again. One look at her after so many years and he wished he’d had a taste of her. She didn’t resist him either. He noticed how she would often look at him and quickly look away when he caught her staring. It turned him on that a girl who didn’t want him years ago wanted him right now and was passing the message across in subtle ways.

And so it wasn’t a surprise when he’d attended one of his parties on Friday and had seen her around. This time she was the one that came to ask for the dance. They didn’t last up to 5 minutes before they were all over each other.
Ever since then, their rendezvous had continued and he couldn’t bring himself to stop lusting after her.

The feeling was mutual.

The knock on the door disrupted his thoughts and his secretary peeped in. He wondered why since there was an intercom she used to communicate with him if he had a visitor.

As if reading his mind, she explained. “I called the intercom but you were not picking sir.”

He nodded urging her to go on.

“Your Mum is here to see you sir. She said she has a lunch appointment with you this afternoon.”

Soji blinked. He had almost forgotten. “Please let her in.”

When his mother strolled inside, she was the epitome of beauty as she smiled at him proudly. He was proud of her as well. Reaching to hug her, he tried to bask in her warmth hoping that he could run and leave all his problems behind.

She rubbed his back tenderly sensing something amiss. “Soji, are you alright?”

He nodded releasing her. “I’m alright Mum, I just miss you that’s all. It’s been so long we’ve had lunch together and I can’t wait.”

“You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to the owner of the womb that carried you for 9 months. You may be grown o and even be the governor of the state next year but you’re still my baby. Something is wrong.” She caressed his cheeks. “Talk to me my darling, is it Lara? I heard she’s better now, did something happen between you two? Is it the wedding?”

He sighed. He was dying inside. Even his friends had crazy suggestions and he wasn’t going to listen to them.

Listening to them had gotten him into this mess in the first place. They’d been hailing him when they knew he was sleeping with two of the most desirable women in town but as soon as they heard he was going to become a father soon, they left him to himself and advised he find a way to bury his secret as Chief Kitan didn’t treat his enemies too nicely.

“We can talk about it at Lunch.” He finally gave in to his conscience and his mother relaxed.

“Okay, where are we having Lunch today?”


Abioye stared at her son for a long time after he was done narrating the story of his life and his present situation and for a moment, she was tempted to slap him. Right now she doubted if she’d raised him well alone and it was probably due to the absence of a father figure in his life that made her spoil him. He was her only son and she made sure he didn’t lack anything as a child.

She’d been happy he was getting married to Lara and would become the son-in-law to the great Kitans. No one could blame her for her ambitiousness. Chief had been so generous to her and her business ever since Soji started dating Lara before he finally proposed.

Contracts she hadn’t even dreamed of came her way. She’d thought she was popular enough but the Kitan’s showed her that she was just a learner. She got invited for interviews, her business was the reigning thing in town and even senators were eager to have her design dresses for themselves or their children. Recently, she had been thinking of launching her clothing line and that she intended to do after they got married.

And now, her son was here telling her he’d impregnated some girl called Aisha. She wasn’t an ordinary girl. She’d seen the girl often times with Lara when her daughter-in-law to be would come for her wedding gown measurements.

She’d sensed the pretty fulani looking girl could breed trouble for Lara or her son but she ignored it thinking the coming wedding was enough to prevent anything from happening.

How wrong she was. She should have paid attention to her intuition and warned her son on time.

And now he was in this mess.

This wasn’t how she had planned her lunch. She wanted to gist her son about the new man in her life whom she had met through Mrs Kitan during one of their outings. He was an old friend of Sumbo who just went through a bad divorce some years back and he seemed pretty serious about her.

She hadn’t felt flattered in a long time and he showered her with gifts. He was charming and made her remember what it felt like to be a woman who was loved, cherished and desired. He was into art himself and appreciated her work. Last weekend, she had travelled with him to Zanziba alone so they could spend time together telling her he wished she could stay forever.

At that moment, she knew he meant to marry her.

“So, what do you plan on doing? She asked rather bluntly.

He shrugged. “Seriously Mum, if I had the answers figured out, I wouldn’t need to ask you for them.” His eyes were looking bloodshot already and he raised his hands to his face. “Oh Mum, I didn’t mean to do this, to hurt Lara, to get Aisha pregnant. Lara is going to kill me and kill herself. The last incident that happened, Lara cut herself.”

“You mean she knew about you and Aisha already?”

He nodded. “I don’t know what happened. Aisha only just came to see me in the office around 6 saying she wanted to talk about something important. I told her we could hang someplace that wouldn’t feel suspicious and she agreed. She thought the office was a good idea because some of her friends were already getting suspicious. She also explained that Lara was going shopping that day and she’d told her she couldn’t make it with her as she was sick. Lara doesn’t do anything after shopping other than soak herself in a warm tub and drink wine and I called her to confirm and she told me she was going shopping.

Aisha and I got talking and soon, she started crying and she came to cling on me telling me how she loved me and how she wanted us to be together and not her friend. What was I supposed to do, chase her away? I tried to comfort her and before I could even say Jack, Lara was barging into my office with her friend behind her. The way she came charging for us, even Aisha got scared. She was going to claw my eyes out if I didn’t catch her hands on time. I allowed her hit me and went on my knees to beg her but she went all dramatic and ran out.

The next thing I hear, Lara has been rushed to the hospital. I was scared she’d crashed her car into a trailer or something but I got news that she slit her wrists because she was upset. That was a clear warning for me.”

Abioye sighed shaking her head. This was a real mess. She had never known Lara to have suicidal tendencies. It meant she was going to do anything and everything to keep Soji for herself and she would go extra miles to eliminate obstacles in her way with that calculating mind of hers.

She wondered, did Chief or Sumbo know Soji was responsible for her sudden reaction?

Her drink had grown warm and she signaled the waiter to get her something chilled.

As if reading her mind, Soji spoke up. “She told me she didn’t mention it to anybody. The warning was for me alone.”

”And she hasn’t heard about the one that’s happened recently?”

“No mum, she hasn’t, except Aisha is brazen enough to do that.”

“Then we must beat her to it.”


“You have to come clean.” She deadpanned.

“What?” Her son looked at her like she was crazy. “Were you even listening to me at all? You know that’s not possible.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“It’s crazy Mum, telling Lara her best friend is carrying my baby few weeks to the wedding? Chief will hunt me down and kill me if Lara doesn’t do it first.”

“You know the way to her heart don’t you? I’m sure you must know by now. She’s a woman just like me.” She smiled her mind calculating already. Her son knew little or nothing about women.

“Get her to feel pampered, loved and cherished. Do things that will make her know that she’s the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, not some gold-digger somewhere who’s carrying your sperm and claims to be carrying your child. How many weeks gone is she anyway?”

“About 4 weeks…”

“And I’m assuming she doesn’t want to abort it does she?”

He scoffed. “She’s bent on raising him to spit on Lara’s face.”

“Then you’ll spit on hers. Get Lara, go for a weekend somewhere and tell her how much you love her and would never hurt her. Let her eyes shone for love for you, let her worship you knowing that losing you means losing all. Then when you’re done, tell her the truth in the most sobering way ever. Cling to her and let her know you’d do anything for her, and that it was a mistake. Then wait for her to take the next step.”

“The next step?” Her son looked confused. He could be stupid sometimes but she didn’t blame him. A beautiful woman had the ability to manipulate a man’s heart.

Abioye smiled. She knew girls like Lara Olakitan didn’t like their images to be tarnished. She would give all to make sure she kept her reputation squeaky clean. A baby mama would ruin what she’d made for herself in years and a man she so desperately wanted. She trusted her to do the right thing.

“Yes, the next step.” She repeated.


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