Beautiful Wings – 4

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Nimi mumbled a prayer over her food before she dug into it only for her to look up and see Dapo looking at her with the same curiosity he’d been watching her with at the stairs. She looked away and kept eating hoping her stupid heart wasn’t going to start wondering why he was watching her.

She looked up again and saw that he had focused on something else. The young lady sitting close to him who was one of Lara’s girlfriends. She was beautiful too and obviously taken by Dapo the way he was taken by her. She said something and he laughed and she smiled to herself grateful that was enough to make her face reality.


Guys like him did not roll with girls like her. Even his first reaction to her presence in their house made it that obvious. Why couldn’t her stupid heart take the first cue and stop it’s silly attraction to him?

She was only meeting the guy for goodness sakes and they had hardly shared a conversation. In her hearts of hearts she knew that he wasn’t even her type. Though she had never been asked out on an official date before, she knew the type of guy she wanted to be attracted to in the first place. Someone who loved God above all else, more than she even did, someone who was sensitive to her feelings and loved her for who she was.

Someone whose wealth didn’t make him ego driven but God was his anchor and confidence.

Now she was wondering what was going on with her that she suddenly thought Dapo Kitan an option when he was nowhere an option.

It had to be her. She’d been by herself for so long that when one guy finally looked her way, she was bringing fairytales into reality.

“What are you doing your masters in?” Lara broke into her thoughts.

“Media and Communications.”

“Oh really, that’s so cool.”


“I have an MBA from Manchester University and you won’t believe when I tell you I find it hard to organize myself on some days. I tell my mum I need a new Personal Assistant but she feels I’m too young to get one.” She whispered for her ears only. “If you know anyone who’s good with that kind of thing, something temporary so my mum understands that I’m not passing my boundaries, I won’t mind, really. I’ll just explain.”

“Oh okay.”

“You know what, I’m sure you would do well in building my personality online since you know one or two things about Media and advertising or do you mind interning in my company? I’ll treat you nice.”

Nimi raised an eyebrow surprised by the turn of events.

“I–I- don’t know what to say.”

“You can always say no if you want. I don’t want it to look like I’m forcing you to do anything but I’d love to learn from you. I know we’ll do well as a team but at your own time and convenience.”

“I’d like to think about it.”

She patted her arms with a smile as if she had said yes.”Thanks.”

Her eyes strolled to Kemi and she saw the dagger her eyes threw at Lara. Lara ignored her throughout breakfast while the chit chatting continued on the table. Nimi was beginning to doubt if her stay at the Kitan’s mansion was going to be rosy afterall.


“You should have just said No!” Kemi yelled immediately Nimi gave her the news about Lara offering her an internship placement in the Kitan’s Company. She knew why Lara was doing this. She wanted to get back at her and she wanted to do something nice so that Nimi would owe her and be forced to do as she pleased.

She knew her cousin pretty well.

“Well, I haven’t said Yes yet.”

“It’s like you don’t know Lara. There’s no good bone in her body. Every single thing she does, she does it for selfish reasons.”

“Well, there’s something called free will isn’t there? She can’t force me to do something I don’t want to do, neither is she going to manipulate me if I don’t allow her. I don’t see why you’re getting all worked up Kemi.”

“Well, it’s not an option, I just want you to know and tell her that it’s a No-No for you. Didn’t you see how she insulted me on the stairs today? If not for Dapo I would have smacked her brain out of her head.”

Nimi stifled a smile.”I think you should just try and ignore everything she does to get to you. It’s because she sees you’re hurt that’s why she keeps doing and saying things to keep you agitated. Once she sees she has no hold on you, she’ll tire and move on to something else.”

Kemi shook her head and settled on the bed looking at nothing in particular.

“Besides, all I see is a hurting girl, a girl who’s desperate for love and keeps going through the wrong means to get it satisfied and so she’ll do all it takes to hurt anyone who tries to stand in her way. It’s the only way she understands love and we need to help her, not bring her down.”

“That’s my problem with you. You always feel it’s everybody who needs help, it’s everyone who needs love or a second chance. That Jesus someway somehow can see what others can see in people. Well bad news hunnay, Lara is an exception. She’s been given chances and what does she do, throw it in your face and tells you she doesn’t need it.

She can do fine on her own. If you want to step into her den before you believe me, go ahead. I just don’t want you to come back feeling sorry you even ventured or tried to be her friend or whatever she’s trying to make you into.”

“I’ll pray about it. If it isn’t God’s will, then that’s fine by me.”

Kemi shrugged and decided to change the topic. Twice she’d been fooled by her cousin and twice she’d been beaten. Everything she did presently was because of her aunt and Dapo. She remembered what happened back in secondary school between them. She remembered how Lara and her friends had teased her back then even though she was a senior and how she would often go to her bed and cry because she felt ugly, felt no one would ever ask her out because Lara had a way of making guys see only her, no one else.

Even after that, she allowed her into her life and what did she do, hurt her once again.

“You’ll never stop being my friend Kemi, you know that right?” Nimi murmured and she turned to look at her.

Though she didn’t share her faith, she loved the girl like crazy.

“I hope so.”

“Hey…” She went to join her on the bed and pulled her close to herself when she saw her eyes pool. “Do you know I’m the one supposed to be sad because you seem to have a gazillion friends and sometimes I wonder if you would ever miss me if I happen to leave your life.”

“Friends are different.”

She smiled. “That I know.”

“And to be honest, I like hearing about your Jesus when you talk about him. He seems to be one of a kind. Sometimes I wonder if you read the same bible I tried to read when I get curious.”

“Sometimes you just have to open your mind and let the Spirit work in you. And all you need do is believe by the way. Just say the word, Jesus is always waiting.”

Kemi smiled. “Nimi I’d like to ask you a question.”

“Go on.”

“Is God’s love really satisfying? Is Jesus really worth you being foolish for?”

Nimi closed her eyes nodding. “In a world that’s going to pass away and with so little time that can be swallowed in eternity, yes. He’s worth it. If a whole God could be despised for my sake, then who am I really?”

“You really think God did that for you?”

“For me, you…, all of us.”

“How, why do you believe that kind of thing? it’s just…, I don’t know, abominable and unreal. Why did he have to go through all of that if he’s God? Why couldn’t he just do things because He’s God? He has all the power, he has everything, I didn’t need him to die, I didn’t beg him to die. I didn’t beg to be born, I didn’t beg to exist.”

“Justice requires he do the right thing. You didn’t beg to be born but you have a choice right now. You have the choice to choose between Him and something else. He created you because he loves you and wants you. He wants you to come into all that he has. Is it wrong to love someone and want to share everything you have with them?”

“I used to love a guy once, everything I had I wanted to give him, no restrictions and what did he do with it?”

“But God isn’t like that.”

“Yes, God isn’t like that because He’s all good and kind and every nice thing you’ve got to say about Him. Well, I don’t see him trying to heal my broken heart when I thought I couldn’t do without Kayo. I healed on my own pretty fine. You can’t touch, you can’t hold neither can you see Him. He’s there being God. Don’t you just get tired?”

She sighed knowing in the past when she’d been going through certain things, the thought had come. Years ago when she didn’t know God except for what she’d been taught about Him. And so it was so hard to understand when things happened to her or why her parents had split or why she’d never had a boyfriend in her life even when she’d never given herself to anybody.

The mundane things others craved for, she’d craved and cried for it in the past but right now, she saw herself growing past the stage as she drew closer to her saviour and into Him. Somedays when the thoughts came and her mood wanted to get the better of her, all she just needed to do was come into His presence and everything would be alright.

She just needed to remember God was good come what may and she would feel loved that He loved her more than she did Him.

She wasn’t sure if her love matched His, but she knew He saw her heart and how it often yearned for Him. Years she’d learned to pour her love and herself on Him and that was satisfying at the moment. She only hoped God’s love was enough and she could spell it out to enough people who seemed to doubt.

“When you draw close, all you get is hungrier, not tired.” She mumbled and rubbed her friend’s back soothingly. Kemi seemed to relax against her and she could feel her feel comforted.

People often said she had a gift for making things look and feel better than they were before. She knew she had a gift of encouraging others and God was going to use her as he deemed fit.

As long as he followed her wherever she was, she would be content, He being her strength.


The young woman in a night dress sitting on her king size bed frowned when she dropped the phone. Bad news was what Lara had just discussed with her and she wondered if there was something that could really stop this girl from going ahead and marrying the Soji of a guy. She had revealed his affair so that they would break up and she would finally get a chance with Soji. He’d been ignoring her but she knew with enough seduction, Aisha wasn’t the only one that would have her fangs on him.

She wanted her share as well. Lara did not hesitate in telling their clique of friends how good he was in the bedroom and she’d watched her friend with envy talk about their love from A-Z.

Strolling to the window, she stood staring for a while her mind thinking of what next to do in order to finally bring this thing to an end. Aisha was no longer in their clique and she knew she had revealed their secret affair. There was no way the girl would tell her anything again.

Rumor had it she wasn’t even in Lagos after the incident and no one could even reach her at the moment. Soji was the only available resource who could tell if there was still something that could hold himself and Aisha together.

A child perhaps?

Her heart leaped and she fantasized about the idea of Aisha carrying Soji’s baby hence her sudden disappearance.

Did Lara know about this?

Her lips parted with a smile. If Lara wasn’t aware, then a good exchange wouldn’t be a bad idea. Soji wouldn’t want that kind of secret out after his fiancé’s last warning of her slit wrists.

He would readily give in to her advances if she promised to keep it a secret.

But first, she was going to start her investigations once more. A baby was just a thought, it wasn’t certain yet.

Pulling the curtains down, she strolled back to her bed and sank her head into the pillow already fantasizing the things she’d like to do with Soji Bello.


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