A Child Is Born

On that cold night,
In a dry,
Dirty manger.
A little boy was born, there was no beauty in His birth to behold.
There was no comeliness to love Him.

The stars felt it,
The shepherds felt strange,
The earth felt relieved, but the devil was scared,
He knew a redeemer was here.

He stirred up Herod,
“All the new born babies must die!”
It was gruesome,
New mothers wailed,
Fathers mourn.

Mary was scared,
Joseph felt a lump in his neck,
“How could it be?
If he’s the Savior,
Why should he die?

But God knew His plan
Devil was not strong enough to deter this,
Joseph escaped with the little infant,
The devil lost it!
The heavens rejoiced
The earth though filled with blood, heaved a sigh of relief:
Finally a change is here…

He lived
He survived and He brought redemption!
He brought peace
He brought hope
He brought joy
He made us whole
He set us free
And that is why we celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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