1980conomics; The NCC Directive

Being dynamic is an important quality that indicates purposeful leadership; The ability to inculcate current best practices to develop, moving with the times while keeping what’s important and discarding what’s not. These are ways in which good leadership could adjust to not just reach their primary responsibilities but surpass them, making them have more value in the eyes of their people.

The current move by the federal government through the NCC to increase the tariff on data plans smacks off a whole new level of regression in the Buhari-led administration, which by all indications seems to be stuck with outdated policies that have no place in modern society.

In a country where government owns the factors of production; land ( and the minerals beneath) labour and capital are owned by government, a country where government taxes the private sectors factors of production, it is unfathomable that a government that empowered would lack ideas like the one we currently accommodate in Nigeria.

It is so archaic and unreasonable that our government is imposing prices in a deregulated telecommunications market where the normal market forces have brought prices down. It portrays a government severely lacking in ideas. A government stuck on the outdated pages of old economics texts. A government incapable of making rational economic decisions at all levels of formulation and implemention.

Does the Buhari-led government think this is a means of diversifying the said economy? Or is this part of a purported larger scheme to gag social media users?

Government in a basic sense is supposed to have the welfare of its people as priority, but this government seems to think the opposite is what is meant. Inflation is choking, electricity is non-existent, the recession is drowning families and there’s no proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Remind me what we need a government for in the first place ?

At a time where gloom pervades the streets of Nigeria, where social media is helping us help the government in pointing out where the shoe pinches, they decide to make it more difficult to access for the average Nigerian. Maybe the government wants us to take our hashtags to the streets and roads. Maybe this is a rallying cry.

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    well written. Nice use of vocabulary

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