The Second Wife

She won the duel, but she’s still fighting.
She cooks the gruel, but she’s still starving.
Like the over-zealous sibling
She fetched the cane; but will soon be flogged.

A product of ego and a revelation of where he goes.
A product of low self worth and a revelation of desperation.
A product of His fantasy and a revelation of covetousness.
A product of virement gone wrong and a revelation of a virago.

Her mouth;like the rudder that steers a big ship;
Anchors her tiny hands on her hip.
And spout entertainment for gossip
So powerful; she scares her nagging conscience without a whip.

She could have her own, rather she owns another’s.
Like the shirt badge, she won the shouting match.
Everyone saw the shirt but admired the badge.
Instead of a Second chance; she got a Second wife.

2 thoughts on “The Second Wife” by Whyte Datonye (@whyte)

  1. Nice use of words! So much said in just a few lines…Well done.

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