I Hate U Episode 1-5

………….John Side Of The Story………..
I woke up from bed one Saturday morning
checked my wristwatch that was still stocked to
my wrist, due to last night party I came home drunk
and taking off my watch was the last thing on my mind.
It was 7am and it was still raining eminently serious,
I usually go out for jogging every Saturday
morning but could not go this time because of the rain.
There was no power (Nepa light) many because of the rain, I
said a little prayer got up from bed did my usual morning
chores and after that I went to the bathroom put on the
water wormer and it was ready for bathing, i took my bath
got something to eat. Not wanting to stay at home due to
the loneliness i was feeling i decided to go c mark my best
friend. initially i wanted to call my girlfriend Princess, we all
know that the best time to be with your partner is when it is
raining because of the col. But i considered the magnitude of
the rain which was eminently high and I won’t want her
getting soaked in the rain just because of me so I quickly
removed the taught from my mind.
So I decided to go see Mark and spend some quality time
with him,play PES, Mortal Combat, God of War. Any time am
with Mark at his place we always play video games that’s
the best fun we can Eva have together as boys. So i got
dressed took the key to my Range rover’s sport with my
umbrella in hand walked to were the car was parked and
zoom off. The rain was heavy, the road was covered with
flood i could not even see a thing so i increased the speed of
my wiper slow and steady i drove my car. Finally i arrived at
his residence, the gate was locked so i had to go down put
on my umbrella, go open the gate then came back drove the
car inside the big compound. I made sure the gate was
properly locked before i headed to his room. I knocked on the
door but there was no responds i knocked again still no
responds, I taught to my self many because of the rain that’s
why he could not here me. I was about to put a call across
to him, den I realised the door was not locked so I push it
open and went in. I called his nomenclature but no responds,
I went to the kitchen but could not find him.
to be continued…..
………John Side Of The Story Continues……
So I decided to go to his bedroom, when I got there I found
the door closed I knocked but no responds, due to the angry
rain that refused stopping I could not here any sound from
the bedroom so I opened the door as usual. I stood still like
someone who had been charmed, my eyes could not believe
what I saw tears ran down my chick as I stared. guess what I
saw? my best friend Mark making love with my girlfriend
princess. Due to the shock I fainted and woke up in the
………..Mark Side Of The Story…..
It was raining heavily that morning, I started feeling lonely so
I decided to call princess I put a Cal across to her I asked
her to come over to my house, but initially she refused
saying that she had a dream, in the dream we were having
sex den John my friend (her boyfriend) came in and caught
us in the act. I chuckled as I said it’s just a dream, finally
she agreed coming.
I waited for her hours later she arrived, I was happy when I
saw her immediately I grabbed her forcefully by the waste,
she tried to resist saying take it easy. Without wasting much
time I took her to the room, I beloved you know the rest of
the Story. Due to the weather situation, we had deep sex for
more than two hours still in the act suddenly someone
opened the door you all know who it was, it was John. Due
to the heavy rain and the fun I was catching with princess, I
did not even here the sound of his footsteps or the sound of
the door immediately I recalled the dream princess said she
had. I was ashamed of my self, not because of what I did
was wrong but because I let him catch me, I could not even
say a word I stood still like a plank of wood tears rolled down
my chick for reasons I knew not. He had fainted and was
rushed to the hospital by Princess, I did not go with them
immediately I stayed behind took out the bead shit that was
stained with sperm soak it in water, den took a bath and
Rushed down to the hospital to see John. Wen I got there,
princess was sitting beside him trying to explain, but only
God knows what she still wants to explain. I stared at him for
a while, I knew he was angry with me but I didn’t care
…….Mark Side Of The Story Continues…..
I could not say anything in other not to provoke
him, so i just stared at him letting the tears rolled
down my chicks for no reason. I was not filing guilty
or sorry for what happened but i was crying, i wiped
off the tears i said to my self there’s no need crying
for what am not filling guilty for, the deed has
been done. I position my face as if i was filling sorry
for what i deed, but deep down in my heart i knew i
was not filling any sing of remorse or guilt but i don’t
know why. I stared at him for a minute then turned my
gazed at Princess, taught ran through my mind.
what could she be thinking wright now? is
she feeling sorry for what happened? well is non
of my business i said. But if u ask me i had a great
deal of fun back there. I just walked away without
saying a word because my plea would be meaningless
to him, although pleading was the last thing on my mind.
I got back home, the bedshit i soaked was ready for
washing, i took the bucket outside and got the
bedshet torolly washed and dried. I locked my self inside
the house because i did not want to go out the whole
of that day. While at home i kept thinking why
i was not felling any sing of guilt in me. Unlike me
when I do something wrong or bad i always fill guilty
but in this case i was just crying.
……….Princess Side Of The Story……….
I was in bed at around 6am when a call came in
to my phone, i checked it was mark i picked up
the call immediately. He
asked me to come over to his crib but i refused, i told him
the terrible dream i had about us but still he insisted saying
its just a dream. After much plea i agreed coming, i looked
out through my window the rain was not smiling at me but i
ignored the rain, ran to my bathroom took my bath and
headed out with my umbrella. Finding a cap was a little bit
difficult considering the magnitude of the rain, finally i got a
cap. When i arrived he was seating on his
Immediately he saw me he got up grabbed me
i could tell
the excitement
and anxiety on his face. He grabbed me
forcefully in to his
bed room.
…….Continuation From Princess Side of The Story…….
While we we’re having sex the memories
of the dream kept playing in my head i was
uncomfortable, although i had enough fun i tried as
much as i could to forget the dream and
have my fun. Suddenly the door just opened,
i could not behold what i saw, it was John my
boyfriend i almost fainted because of shock.
He stood still staring at us with tears in
his eyes and then he fainted, thank
God i could drive, with the help of mark
i took him into his car and drove straightaway
to the hospital. I sat beside him trying to
plead but he was too angry to even look at
my face not to talk of listening to my
plea. Not too long, while in my state of
confusion Mark walked in, from the look on
his face i could not tell if he was sorry
or not instead he stood still staring at us, then
suddenly tears rolled down his check
immediately he wiped them off,
stared at me again without saying any
word and then he walked away leaving
me in a state of confusion. I turned my gaze that
was still at the direction Mark was standing and
faced John, i said to him baby pleas am sorry but
he ignored me, i said again baby am sorry
he got angry and with a loud voice asked me
to leave his presence, i could see the anger in
him boiling so i left immediately before
something drastic happens. I got home
feeling ashamed of my self, not knowing
what next to do an idea came for me to leave
the country go faraway
we’re i would not see John or Mark anymore,
but we’re would i travel to i asked my self while
the taught ran through my mind i then remember
that i have a sister who base in Ghana. She had
asked me to com stay with her but i declined
now i have no choice. I put a Call across to her,
i told her of my coming to Ghana, she was excited
she gave me the time to come i was eminently
happy. When the time came for me to leave
for Ghana, i packed my Luggage and i headed
to the airport.
# Episode_5
…………John’s Side Of The Story Continues……..
I laid still at the hospital bed without saying
any words, i could not hold back my emotions
and so i let the tears flow. The Doctor came in,
examined me and said i will be discharge tomorrow
after i had been properly examined to avoid stories
that touches the heart. Three weeks had passed
since the incident occurred, i did not receive any call
from either of them, i did not even border calling any
of them because they are of no use to me. It was 7am
on a Saturday morning i got up prepared for
my usual morning jogging, with my head set on i went
out. I usually go out for jogging with Mark, but
considering what had happened i don’t think you
would expect me to go call him so i had no
choice but to go alone. I did first lap, second lap
before i could say Jack Robinson i was doing the
10th laps which was the final lap, when i had
finished i went to a conner to rest while resting a call
came in, guess who was calling? it was Princess
friend Rita calling to inform me that Princess has
traveled to Ghana, but who cares if she
likes let her travel to heaven it’s nobody’s business i
said ended the call. I wanted to continue the jogging
but was tired and decided to go back home. When
i got home and opened my door my eyes caught
something on the top of my window guess what i
saw? I saw an envelope i checked the enveloped
and the inscription on it was “By your Princess”
So i opened the envelop and began to read.
Hullo Dearie Sorry For What Happened Between
Me And Your Friend, It Wasn’t My Intention But
The Deed Has Been Done And There Is No Need
Crying Over Spilt. Milk, I Would Have Sent The
Message Through My Phone But Did Not Have
Enough Airtime. Am In Ghana Rite Now An I
Don’t Think I Would Be Coming Back Anytime
Soon Please Forgive And Forget. By Your One
And Only Princess. After reading the later i felt
like tearing it to pieces but then decided to keep
it Incas of necessity. Then again i said who cares if
you like travel to heaven it’s nobody business and
who told you there’s no need crying over spilt
milk? i chuckled as i made my way to the bathroom
took of my cloths an began to Shower.
To be continued………

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