Here I Stand

Here I Stand

Here I stand
Like an island in the middle of water
Like snow white’s pure rose in harsh winter
I bloom
Like an oak tree amidst small shrubs
I grow
Like Mount Zion in heaven’s pure core
I shine

Here I stand
Like the lighthouse in a raging ocean
I guide
Like superman with his league of justice
I lead
Like Israelites crossing the red sea
Oh I’m blessed

Here I stand
Like Mandela and great Ali
I fight
Like Obama a black diamond
I’m different
Like Buhari, Nigeria’s sure P
I change
Like Neil Armstrong who stepped out of earth
I leap

Oh here I stand!
Like the lord Jesus with love for children
I gather
Like the apostles with tongues of fire
I speak
Yes! Like Elijah imbued with God’s desire
I’m great
Like King David after God’s heart
I’m royalty

So here I am now
Standing up tall
A proud eagle
I’m me

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