Love is a lot of things to lots of people,

I dunno what it is to you…

Love is when a wife tastes a cup of coffee to make sure, it’s safe enough for her husband to sip on

Love is when a brother knows his friend has been taking his biscuits from his bag cos he’s broke and is too ashamed to beg, yet he keeps it in the same place

Love is when someone deliberately leaves the door of the store and it snaps on your finger and you walk away with the pain tingling at your finger tips

Love is seeing a needy and hungry person begging on the street and you hand him a note/bill even when that’s the last you have in your wallet

Love is when you offer your seat in a bus to an elderly person who needs it more even though you had a long day and need to rest.

Love is being able to hold back an ill will from someone who knocked down and killed a loved one out his own carelessness

Love is pain, sweet pain that brings true joy to the other person

Love is sacrifice, it is giving and not expecting to be treated nicely in return even when that’s all you crave for.

Above all, love is that MAN who seeing how cruel and undeserving you were, still thought you a big deal and offered to die just so you could have life- ETERNALLY.

And you know what love is not?

Reading these words and not doing anything about it or having a change of heart…It’s reading these words and not showing kindness to that one person out there

With love in your heart, you can love even the worst of persons.Without love, the world is nothing but a tombstone.

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6 thoughts on “3vol” by TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

  1. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Love is taking the time to pen this down, reminding us of what love is….

    Check out this song ‘Love from MLT’


    sounds like a soundtrack to your write-up…

    @mayree well done, much LOVE!

    1. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

      Thank you @ojestar for stopping by…i sure will listen to the song. Thanks for that too.

  2. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    This was lovely.

  3. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Well done.

  4. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    I like the last sentence; Without Love, the world is nothing but a tombstone. Great post!

  5. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Thanks @chijy @anakadrian @vanessa for stopping by. :)

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