Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Fornication is a norm among our youths
I have to test the product before buying it
I know it’s wrong
But those precept
Are ancient principles
We don’t have to follow
The unending TV shows promotes this,
But we blame it on the devil for corrupting our youths.
Grown ups sees this and ignore the need to correct the youths from making same mistakes like they did.
Things fall apart, who is to be blamed?

Dad wants his daughter to be in vogue
Buys her an attire
That expose her curves
“Just to make her happy”
He says.
No correction when she’s wrong
“She’s my jewel
I’ll do everything to make her happy”
He concludes.
Mummy on the other hand
Dress to meet up with the trend
She wakes to the latest fashion magazines
Too busy maintaining her glow.
Daughter needs to be corrected
But who cares among them both?
She ends up a sex slave
Her future becomes a disaster
And they all blame it on the devil
But you failed to play your part to train your child.
Things fall apart. Who is to be blamed?

He leaves home in an inordinate attire
You ignore the need to chasten.
He smells of liquor
You believe he’ll change with time
You correct him and he refused to listen
And you tell everyone you have done your best.
Where’s the place of prayer?
He sits at home when he ought to be in school
You watch him and say “its for your own good”
Now he’s one of the street urchins
And we blame it on some spiritual forces.
Things fall apart. Who is to be blamed?

Divorce is now a norm
A little challenge in marriage
You seek to end the union
Get married to someone else
And rationalize it as the best option.
We try to give God’s Word against divorce a new tune
We give excuses saying we are human
And God will understand
We imbibe a culture that was nailed to the Cross
Bringing it back to life to continue in it.
We blame the women for trying to rule in marriage
And we blame the man for neglecting his duties
Things fall apart and who is to be blamed?

Our family altar is now a forbidden place!
We wake up to our cellulars to continue where we stopped the night before.
Children failing woefully
There are busy with their cell phones too.
They sing the latest secular music and whine to a gospel music
At the end,
They only remember a little from their school lessons
And we blame it on technology.
Things fall apart, who is to be blamed?

Our World isn’t what it used to be
And we all sit and watch.
Our youths are diverting from the right track
And each individual ignore the need to bring them back on track
Elders are also treading the wrong path
And those who have an understanding about it sit back and do nothing about it.

Where did we miss it?
Why is our world falling apart?
Why are we treading the wrong path and each individual feels comfortable with it?
What are you doing to change it?
Should our world continue in shackles and shreds like this?

Things are falling apart,
But I have a dream it will fall in place if each individual raise to play a role.
Things fall apart. Who is to be blamed?

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