A sin or not a sin ?

With your testosterone switch on,

you ponder,  whether to do or not to do.

A sin when it is a stolen water,

but not if in the boundaries of the eternal contract.

It is a desire similar to hunger

that has turned many into ravenous beasts.

Why we were given such an urge, at times I wonder.


Created for procreation and pleasure with a life partner.

Abused, humans are with it more animalistic than ever.

Youths with flattery in their tongues and sword in hand,

Seek daily prey to devour

Taking no heed to blabbings of sex’ ill-willed favour.

They eventually discover new ways to wreck thier sword or sheath

Or survive and with friends later brag about the adventures of their sword and sheath

Or better still be awarded “best testimony” by holy critics.

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  1. Olarinoye J. Olayinka (@Olarinoye54)

    Nice one….

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