Memoirs Of Me In You

       Pain is broken relationship, not having money to buy the new iphone7, using half your school fees to play Nairabet and the other half Bet9ja and both ticket tear, remembering you voted for PMB, failing an exam, change. But that’s not the kind of pain for today. It’s rather pain from a 0.1 inch insect, bed bugs. The type that makes you remember that verse in the station of the cross, “a heavy hammer blows smash and pain exploded like bomb of fire in my brain…”They wake you up faster than alarm clocks.
Its already 7:15 Monday morning and you’re already getting lost in your thoughts. Is this the change we voted?.
Odor which has the power of persuasion, stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will, a persuasive power which cannot be easily fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally, there is no remedy for it. Your people have started again. Fumigation !!! a polite way of kicking us out of the hostel. One often wonder why the need for this hypocritic act of kindness. The rats have no fear, they stare at you like ‘’ have you greeted me this morning?’’. Mosquitoes are the new bees.
MiOleWaKu (I cannot come and die), like the prodigal son, “You must leave this place and return to your father………..” (the prodigal son in capital letters).You have been hearing of this new transport service that is cheap, half the price of your usual. This “Aboki Government” will lead you to stranger places.
Long story short, you are on the bus. You are lucky to seat by someone who had courtesy and took his bath. You remember the last time, you were breathing through your handkerchief. The usual “Children of God praise the Lord comes up”. Fast forward to what catches your attention, “ nothing is too small for the Lord, the more you give the more you receive…….” and you begin to wonder why the thought of business ideas just hit you . You remember reading in one of those kraztv memes, if you don’t have transport fare inside a bus, start preaching. You remember your pastor just bought new Toyota Venza and in your mind is with our offerings.
Mind flashes back to being a student, those self- proclaimed evil lecturers(there is nothing attractive in being evil), course advisers who needs to be advised, Dean of students who like seeing students suffer, porters who threaten you with your admission or is it your course mates who….(let’s leave that for another day). What’s your defense mechanism against people who sleeps on your shoulder inside a bus? Push them? Wake them? Some won’t wake.
Traffic, you are happy you bought your usual la casera & gala cause you remember the last time. You were not smart. The boy vanished with your #350 change. You felt like crying. This man attacks the bus, you start wondering if his the roaring lion looking for people to devour. But you are wrong. He tells his usual story (emphasis on the usual). How they were robbed YESTERDAY on the way to Port Harcourt. He starts pleading for arms in different languages. None you could even understand. But that’s the third time in two weeks you have seen him.
Fast forward, past traffic. Fuel tanker zooms past with so much smoke and liquid dripping underneath so you remember lectures about atomic bombs and explosions at Yokohama& Nagasaki but no explosions today because “GOD IS ALIVE” as branded at the back of the tanker. It’s just a fuel tanker
The lady on the seat behind you has been on a long call which just ended. How her brother bought stolen Blackberry phone, how the true owner disguised himself as a girl. Long story short, he was cha arrested.
Just past welcome to Delta State not long you are not surprised to see bus driver fighting with Agbero, the type that does not have people who care for him and who he cares about. You just know them when you see them. You see blood on the floor because of #50 ticket. You just tell yourself welcome to Waff City.
You get home, family happy to see you. But this is not the memoir of the prodigal son where the fastened cow was killed and party throw in your honor. So you empty your bag, spread out the wet clothes because Edo weather won’t allow sun to flourish. But that’s when you realize you are back to Township where Nepa light was last seen in March. Today is Wednesday, September 21.

4 thoughts on “Memoirs Of Me In You” by He Writes (@AkporotuOtaghogho)

  1. This is good! Really good! Now I get the title.
    Space your work and if there was any other error, I’ve forgotten about it. More grease to your elbow!

    1. He Writes (@AkporotuOtaghogho)

      Thanks…. God Bless You Plenty.

  2. Typos and mispelled words and spacing issues. However, your title was brilliant. I enjoyed this.

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