If Only I Knew – Episode 6

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was speechless, staring at the DPO. John’s girlfriend? Who could that be? John has another girlfriend? I met the man’s eyes. “Are you saying John was shot by his girlfriend? But…”

“Don’t play smart on me young woman.” He said and pulled himself up from his chair. “John told us his girlfriend shot him during an argument. You told me you’re John’s girlfriend, didn’t you?”

“Ye..s but I’m innocent.” I went down on my knees. “Please believe me. Someone is trying to set me up. Please.” I said with tears.

The DPO walked back to his chair and sat down. He stared at me for a very long moment. “You will be detained till we do proper investigation on John’s death.” He called a junior officer that was standing outside his office. “Take her away and lock her up.”

“Please sir believe me. I don’t…”

“Shut up.” The junior officer yelled at me and pulled me up to my feet. “Move.”

He took me out of the DPO’s office and locked me up in a cell. “Please officer,” I said. “I need to call my people. Please help me sir.”

The police man stared at me and gave me his cell phone. “Make it fast. No finish my credit o.”

I collected the phone and dialled Juliet’s number. “Juliet.” I was in tears, sobbing into the phone. “Juliet, I’m at the police station.”

“Why? What happened?” Juliet asked.

“Please come to Area A police station, I will explain everything to you.” I ended the call and returned the phone to him. “Thank you sir.” I said soberly while he nodded his head and walked away.

I waited for Juliet but she didn’t show up. I cried all through the night, praying to God to deliver me. If truly John called the police and told them that his girlfriend shot him that means he has been cheating on me. Oh my God! I was a fool. I cried and cried till the night fade away.

The following morning, a female police officer came to my cell. “Stand up. Someone is here to see you.”

She took me out of the cell to where Juliet was standing. “You have only five minutes.” She said and walked away.

Juliet narrowed her eyes in disbelief. “Why are you here? What happened?” Impatience edged her voice. “I bribed that police woman before she let me see you. What have you done?”

With tears running down my cheeks, I told Juliet all that happened. “I don’t know anything about it.” I added soberly.

“Jesus!” Juliet put her hands on her head. “You this girl! I told you but you didn’t listen. My God. See what you’ve brought yourself into.” She drew in a long hard breath. “How are we going to do this now.”

“I want you to call my parents, tell them everything and get me a lawyer. Fast.”

Juliet shook her head slowly. “Okay. I will do that quickly. First let me get you something to eat.”

“I don’t want to eat anything. All I want right now is a lawyer. Please.” I pulled my gaze away from her.

Juliet held my arm. “You need to eat Abigail. You need strength to fight this case. Please.”

“Time up.” The female officer walked toward us. “I will have to take you back to your cell.” She said. “Oga will be here any moment from now.”

I met Juliet eyes. “Just do what I told you. Please be fast.”

Juliet nodded her head silently, staring at me as I was been taken back to cell.

Few minutes later after juliet had left, I was brought out of the cell by the same police officer. She took me to the DPO’s office, where I met John’s parents for the first time. I never knew John was a Prince. He never told me he came from a royal family. I went down on my kneels the moment the DPO introduced them to me.

The queen stared at me with a face so hunted. “What’s your name?” She asked with a soft voice.

“Abigail.” I shivered.

“You’re the one that killed my son?” The king asked with a harsh voice.

Tears welled in my eyes. “No sir. I’m not the one who killed him. I swear I don’t know anything about his death.”

“Then who killed my son?” The queen asked.

“I don’t know who killed him. I met him dead when I got to his house.”

“What we’re you doing in his house? And what is your business with him?” The king asked.

I couldn’t stop the tears running down my cheeks. “I’m his girlfriend. He called me on the phone to come see him at home. By the time I got there, I found him dead.”

The king and his wife stared at each other and back to me. “I want you to do a proper investigation about my son’s death.” The king directed his words to the DPO. “I want to know why he was killed and the person who killed him.”

The DPO leaned forward in his chair. “Your son called us that morning before he gave up, that it was his girlfriend who came to house on that day that shot him during an argument.” He met my gaze. “And this lady here was caught running out of your son’s compound by time my men got there.”

The king met my gaze with cold eyes and back to the DPO. “Then why are you still keeping her here?”


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