‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’

‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’

(You have to read this to the end)

I was involved in a fictitious-isle one day. There, I asked a kid of 9 years, ‘What are your plans for your parents when you grow up’? Guess what her reply was. She replied; ‘I am my parents’ investment’.

Do you know what that means?

It’s not just a statement, but carefully cemented words. I was caught in attraction, and I fell in love with the child. If you are in my shoes, you’ll do the same thing. You see, being an investment – many will not understand what it means. But permit me to educate you that children are really investments of their parents. So, that for me.

For you, how would you feel as a youth or child when you hear or see a child write or say this? As long as you have feelings for your parents’ struggle to let you grow up, you will definitely see to this, and if you are probably not aware that you are your parents’ investment, it’s pretty good to know that now. You know why? Because, one day your parents are going to be old, and stop fending for the family. Then, it would be in your hands to take care of them. So, how are you seeing and working towards this? Your parents have plans for you. Do you have plans for them? You are their human resource insurance and assurance.

I cry for many out there who squander their parents’ money for no good reason. Well, that’s the way I feel right now, and thought of sharing it along with what that little child said to me. Believe you me, one day, your parents will look up to you for help or support, and if you wouldn’t help as a result of heartlessness or not being financially upkeep, it would be a shameful thing – especially when they actually train you academically and otherwise, but you wouldn’t deliver.

Yes, I hear something still reflecting in my mind. That’s what some would usually say, and that’s; ‘Well, this isn’t for me, but some other persons because my parents have enough, even when I don’t deliver’. But may I still propel something into you mind, that – “your own is your own, while your parents’ own is theirs’. I have once written an article on this. Because many think that the properties of their parents remains theirs. To some extent it could be that way, but there are no certainties towards this. Do you know why? Because circumstances of life cannot be told by anyone. It’s only God that can tell how tomorrow will be. This is true.

Another thing to consider is, death is obvious and can come to anyone anytime. Though we don’t pray for that, but we can’t talk about life without death. Because life is incomplete with death. That’s the process of life – After life, comes death. So, if you do a thing without considering all round, you need to do a reconsideration. You needn’t misunderstand this. It is written based on how the atmosphere of life is. So, in a situation where it occur, what would a purposeless personality do? This has dawn on many, is still dawning and will continue to dawn only on those who wish for it. I pray not this for you though. But everyone got to be careful – especially youths.

Be a good fruit (returns of expectations) of the planted (Your parents’ investments on you), so that the planters (your parents) may harvest the fruit of their plantation. Not just that. Let the planters harvest be fruitful. Because there are fruits that are not fruitful. Do you know why? Because, after they are harvested for the first time, they will not be able to produces another fruit. Such fruit is fruitless. Hence, let your life be of fruitful nature.

It’s one thing to do this right, but another not to get the right answer or expectation. Why? Because you may neglect God in the course of doing it. God is really the way. While you do this right, pray rightly so that you succeed. Have a heart of that little girl my fictitious entity got in contact with.


8 thoughts on “‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’” by Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

  1. Jaynipha (@S@pph007)

    Thought-provoking..Do keep it up.

  2. Sorry @godsonpen I strongly beg to differ! I don’t believe anybody is an investment to another. But we are all tools and instruments in God’s Hands. The purpose of parenting is not to train the child to be one’s financial back-up plan for tomorrow but to train the child and equip him/her to fulfill his/her purpose in life. Christ wasn’t Mary’s or Joseph’s investment. Yes, children are to care for their parents when they age but calling them an investment tool not only dehumanizes their very being but also defeats the very purpose of God for procreation.

  3. The original purpose of family was not to put the focus on the parents but rather on the children. However, narcissistic parents, which sadly, abound in abundance here in Africa have managed to turn things the other way round. If you’re a Christian I would like you to look back on the early days of Jesus Christ as a young boy. Of the little that was mentioned in the bible clearly the focus of his upbringing was not about him securing the future of his parents but of his parents doing everything possible to make sure his God-sent purpose was not untimely thwarted.

  4. “I am NOT my parents investment” but “God’s gift to them” for effective training, nurturing and harnessing for the greater good of all mankind! And when they help me achieve my Godly purpose, then woe betide me if i desert them in their old age. However, if the see me as an investment of their financial freedom in their old age then I treat them as they treated me – as a mere thing!

  5. Seeing one’s children as ‘investments’ makes you treat them as lesser humans but seeing them as God’s awesome gift makes you cherish them immensely.

  6. God usually gives people kids that will be greater than them! How can you now treat them like ‘your investment’? That’s narcissistic!

  7. Sorry bro. Your article really struck a nerve. I started the daddyhood9to5.com project to stop this kind of erroneous mindset. Please, nobody is anybody else’s investment! It is a parents’ JOB and responsibility before God to give his/her kids the best training and upbringing he/she can afford. And it should not be done for the purpose of future payback of ROI (returns of investment)! This narcissism is killing our society. Parenthood is a call to service and not an investment tool for future returns!

  8. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    I can see Tim raining, can YOU see Tim raining?
    Tim Tim! I dey hail o!

    To the writer; you tried!

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