How The World Goes Round/Na You Cause Am/Pedophiles’ Point

How The World Goes Round/Na You Cause Am/Pedophiles’ Point

The title of this piece could be; HOW THE WORLD GOES ROUND or NA YOU CAUSE AM or PAEDOPHILE’S POINT.

Get a stone before reading. You might need it.


“When we eat and drink to satisfaction, let us not also forget to release the man that has been tied down”, a Yoruba adage says.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand you, I understand all of you. If I were given a chance to be incarnated, I know you all would take every ounce of my existence in making sure that I get the deserved punishment. My deserved punishment is endless. Some of you would take sharp daggers to slaughter my throat, and then find means of bringing me back alive to face greater consequences. Some of you would disagree to use us such quick method, you would rather take blunt blades so that my body would not give way easily, so that the rough edges of the blade can teach me intense lessons, both alive and dead.

Forgive my manners, I forgot to introduce myself, I understand that if I did at first, many of you would not even listen further to what I have to say. My name is Paedophile, the man who sexually harasses little girls. Please spare me, don’t strangle me before I complete my speech, I mean don’t strangle me even in your heart. Be plain, at least for this once, just listen to me. After all, you have eaten and drunk enough hatred for me, so please remember that there is a man that you have tied down, so please give me listening ears.

It is easy to accuse me, it is easy to blame me; I have heard from many of you that I should be skinned alive if caught in the act, some has even said it is death sentence, others “life imprisonment with hard and terrible labour”. I have heard you all.

Last week, I was in church when the pastor called out to all those who have been abused before and who are yet to forgive those that abused them. It wasn’t to much surprise that more than ninety percent of the very beautiful church members stood up, all shedding tears as they pretended to forgive their predators – my agents. I was going to pity them, but something inside me kept telling me that they were only shedding crocodile tears!

I have been sitting quietly with my creator when you tapped me and welcomed me into this world. I warned you severely, but you would not listen. I told you that I am a dangerous tenant who always cause trouble anywhere I stay, but you didn’t mind, you still told me to come. And then I came and became a threat to you.

Gone are those days when the standard of ladies’ skirts used to be their knees. In fact, in those days, when their skirts cut across their knees, they were seen with contempt, seen as whores. For moderacy, their skirts were designed to grow far below their knees. But now, they have grown too fast, life has gradually taken that standard from them, now they parade themselves almost nude. … They would act as if they don’t know that their skirt is too tight, as if they were unaware of the fact that it took them hours before they finally squeezed that ‘killing’ big buttocks of theirs in the obviously small trousers that would easily fit their youngest sisters.

Are the little ones uninvolved/ detached? Of course not, since their elder sisters have taken their clothes, they also take from the even littler ones. See our twelve years old girls wearing outfits so small and incredibly revealing! And wait, what are they revealing? – Unripe mangoes, small African cherries – invisible chests, but the way they would pack everything, one would automatically lost taste in the real original presentation. Talking about girls’ present application of make-up would only result in stating the obvious.

Of all these tortures, the worst is that, these beautified girls are no more than lizards. A female lizard would keep cat-walking and parading herself in front of the male but when the male approaches her to express his developed desires. You start hearing words like “I am a Christian, I don’t do this kind of thing” “I am a decent girl, I am not in for all these kind of things” “I don’t date small guys”

Left with no choice, the boys are quickly withdrawn into some sort of emotional shell. “The same Bukky, who we graduated together, now claims not to date small guys like me? See life o!’

This is the constituents of the young man’s mind, while Tinuke comes in with her little short skirt. Of course Tinuke is a little girl, but her even shorter skirt makes her look like all those tiny little Chinese dolls who are indeed professional sluts.

The way Tinu now talks, would make you ask yourself again if she’s really twelve. She is trying to do like her sister Bukky, but the only way to be like Bukky is to do things that she has done, and this is the most difficult part because she doesn’t know how!

Of course there would be someone willing to teach her ‘how’; and that is by fire or by force. And just guess who that would have to be? – Another hungry agent of mine, who I would have motivated through diverse nights of masturbation. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Now kill me, but I wish to beg you, to sincerely consider my travails. Remember that expression men scream when ramming you? In it lies the spirit that brought me into being; “Who is your daddy?” Right?


The End

2 thoughts on “How The World Goes Round/Na You Cause Am/Pedophiles’ Point” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Levuz, what is this? What were you thinking? This write-up simply justifies the act.

  2. Levuz (@Levuz)

    @Vanessa dear, life is not always black and white, I cannot justify child molestation nah, I am only trying to raise our consciousness to some neglected causes, the elders say that WHEN WE CRY, WE SHOULD ALSO STILL MANAGE TO SEE, Too much critiques in the world today, but too little people address the real cause. Paedophile is not a coincidental demon – it grew, it was fed, it was nurtured!!! by series of events, some of which I managed to expose here. The crime however, remains A CRIME!!!

    Thanks for reading dear.

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