Chidimma’s Unfathomable Secret-Subsequent to The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

Chidimma’s Unfathomable Secret-Subsequent to The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

Adamma, Chidimma’s elder sister who was approaching the stream caught sight of her. The beads she wore on her legs made pleasant noises blending with the multi striped wrapper which was worn around her waist reaching her knees and the other arrayed around her breast elaborating her flawless physique. The waist bead she wore was beautifully displayed around her waist, red beaded necklaces around her neck, bold wrist bangles and carefully decorated elegant bead crown on her hair.

“Chidimma, you are here! We have been searching all over the village for you. Let’s go! Remember we have to go for egwu onwa, moonlight dance, tomorrow so we need to get ready for it.”

“And who said I’ll go with you?”

Bikọnu,Uzoma is going.”

“And so what? Do I look like him or were we born on the same day?”

“The sooner you adapt to the culture the better for you.”

“Help me with the udu,”Chidimma said.

Adamma gently places the udu on her head. Then they walked back home.


The morning wakes the village up with the crow of a cock. Nnedi wakes the kids up, papa Okonkwo goes to the veranda taking a chewing stick with him which he uses to brush his teeth.

Nna anyị, papa, Ụtụtụ ọma, good morning.”

“Ada! Ị bọọla chị, you are awake?”

Eee, yes.”

“Ok, get ready so we can go to the farm.” He said in his dialect.

Ooo.”Said Adamma complying with her father.

Inside the hut, Chidimma and Uzoma converse with their mother.

“Nne, mom, we can’t keep on staying in this village with papa.” Said Uzoma a complete mulato whose complexion is just in between while Chidimma is more on the lighter tone side like her mother.

“Yes, Nne.” Confirmed Chidimma

“Ada can stay here with dad after all she grew up here and speaks their dialect but as for me mom, I am going back to Sayulita.” Said Uzoma

“Do you remember that you are the first son, Uzo? Rhetoricalized Nnedi

“And also the last,least you are forgotten,” Uzo added


Papa Okonkwo and Adamma sees Mr. Mazi throwing his wife’s luggage outside the house just immediately after their conversation. Mr. Mazi and his family live adjacent to the Okonkwo’s. The beauty of their lingual tongue is heard.

“You must live my house today.”

Di m, biko, my hubby please.”

“Shut up!! Shut up!”


“I said shut up!”

Ogbanje!Witch! that’s what you are. You have eaten up all the children in your womb.”

Biko, nna anyi.It’s not true.”

“Barren woman, you are just like a fruitless tree. I can’t have another man in my house.”

“Biko.” She said with tears flowing down her eyes.

“Since I married you none of my children reached 3 years. You killed them all and took them to your evil kingdom.”

Biko, Di m oma, my good husband.” The woman said weepingly losing her breathe.

“Get out! For 6 years I have been married to you, still no issue.”

“I will give you children, biko.”

“Shout up Anayo! You are cursed! Even your name tells it all. Beggar.”

“How can you say a thing like that.”She said heartbrokenly

“Get out now before I pour acid on you!”

“I will not go.” She said weeping, taking her stance .

“Anayo 1,Anayo 2, before I count to 6 and you are still here, you will see what I will do to you.”


“For that reason, you need to stay and represent your father.”

“No way. I can’t do that just because of some custom stuff.”

“Yes Nne, he cannot. We must live this village Ada makes us look like fools in the midst of the villagers just because I refused Uzo and me from wearing their costume. Perhaps, that is the reason her complexion is more on the dark side like papa. They are so compatible. Nna anyi’s favorite child.

Just as Uzoma got up from the bed, Chidimma fell to the ground, jerking out of control. She started to shake furiously, her muscles were so stiff and her head turned to the opposite direction. She was making a gaggling choking sound.

“Chidimma_ not again!!.”Uzoma said.

“Get the pillow! Hurry up!” shouted Nnedi

She put the pillow underneath Chidimma’s head.

“Turn her on her side while I monitor her so she doesn’t hit something and get herself hurt.”

“Do I need to remove the furnitures?”

“Yes! Be quick,Ọsịsọ, so she doesn’t gets hurt.”

Ooo,okay.” He said

“Don’t touch her until she comes back to herself.”

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  1. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

    The story looked promising at the beginning but reading on, I found it hard to follow. Is it part of a series?

  2. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    @abionaalli,yes dear. You are reading the second part.

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