A short story: Mended Heart

A short story: Mended Heart



Onye wandered aimlessly in the court yard lost in thoughts. She was yet to make a decision after Ovie dismissed their divorce case. He insisted only she had the right to dissolve their union and not a third party. She was at cross roads, Ovie had beaten her up, partied all night and cheated on her. He filed for divorced when the truth behind his behavior was discovered. He hurt her because he had contacted std from his female friend during an office function when they both drank too much. He infected her before discovering he had STD. In a bid to rectify his mistake, he acted cruelly towards her to protect her from himself and perhaps push her away so she can start all over.

Onye was oblivious of Victor’s presence. Victor a good friend of Ovie, had a long standing friendship with both of them. When the truth surfaced, Victor rushed to Onye’s side. It was no secret he had been crushing on his friend’s wife. He knew his friend would eventually mess up his marriage, he had expected it sooner. He wished he could smooth her pains.

“What are you doing?” He asked. Onye jolted out of thoughts. She walked to him. “Struggling” she got to him. “I am struggling” Victor gestured to a nearby chair. “Why are you struggling?” he asked sitting.

Onye took a deep breath which calmed her nerves. “I wanted happily ever after each day along with the challenges but I didn’t envision this” she said quietly. “Divorcee is probably one of the worst stench a person can have”

“Have you decided?” he inquired. “He did the right thing giving you the decision to make” she turned to him sharply. “He did the right thing?!” she spat irked. “He cheated on me, turned me to his punching bag because of guilt and infected me with STD” Victor was about speaking when she stood abruptly and walked away.


Ovie’s father stepped into his living room and met his son brooding. He had no idea of the horrid situation of his marriage until recently. He didn’t expect it from him, he had high expectations. “Staring into space won’t solve anything” he quipped. “Go get your wife” he croaked.

“I once had a wife but I messed up” He told his father remorsely. His father shook his head. “Have you really shown her how remorseful you are? In our society, domestic abuse is frowned upon. How do you expect her to react? Cheating on her and infecting her was bad enough, did you have to beat her up?” he probed. Ovie clasped his head and made gutter noises. “I realise what I did was wrong, I have apologised. I am not the man with the worst sin”

“Just the man who messed up despite having everything” Victor said stepping into the living room. His father disappeared into the house. Ovie sighed dramatically. “I am tired of hearing that honestly. I never meant for it to turn out-”

“It happened, suck it up” he snapped. Ovie stared at his friend, he knew he might be angry but he has to be on his side. “Outta curiosity, whose side are you on?” he asked Victor. Victor gave him an angry glare. “You are clearly on her side” Ovie concluded.

“I don’t know why you sort those chicks when you got the whole package at home at your beck and call. I could somehow try to remember your good deeds but as they say, one rotten tomato spoils a basket full” Victor explained. Ovie was confused. “Just so you know, if she turns you down, I will make my move on her” he looked at his friend astonished. He didn’t expect him to make a move on his wife due to problems in their union. He couldn’t blame him either.

“I’ve two options right now, that’s find my wife and apologize” He said leaving. “What’s the second option?” Victor asked curiously. Ovie didn’t answer him.

Ovie got out of his car parked in the confines of his home. He surveyed the surrounding, he noticed her company car was in. She has to be inside. He thought of his speech, he couldn’t come up with anything. This would be the first time he got to talk to her alone since it all started. He dug his hand into his pant’s pocket to fetch his keys.

“The door is opened” Onye yelled from within. He swallowed. It can’t be a good sign. He entered into the house. “I am so sorry” he apologised. “My faith gave death as the only condition for dissolving a marriage, you are clearly not ready to die soon” Ovie grasped.

“Are you so mad at me?” he managed to ask. She ignored him. “Domestic violence is good enough reason to walk away but I don’t want the divorce tag. You just had to cheat on me, turn me into a punching bag and gave me Sexually Transmitted Disease. You do know std leads to infertility, you won’t ever be a father. You will spend your whole life regretting it” Onye ranted. He slumped into a chair. She walked to the door.

“Are you walking out of our marriage?” He wasn’t sure of the answer but it certainly looked like she is leaving for good. “I wish I could quit so easily and not feel guilty, I wish I wasn’t such a loyal faithful follower of God. I wouldn’t be in so much pain. Goodbye Ovie”

Ovie slumped unto the floor, he glanced around the house. The silence echoed, it is all over.


Onye met Victor at his door step. She could understand why he had a sad and lost look. She took him as a friend, a shoulder to lean on but she unknowingly escalated his emotions to great heights. One thing he is thankful for is his friend messing up. He finally had a chance though it didn’t seem like it.

“Where is he?” He asked looking at her. Onye was silent. She had hear talks of ending up dead if she went back to her marriage, others were encouraging words. She had let God handle the situation and he did, it didn’t blow out of proportion or made headlines. Perhaps she should follow his leading and return to her marriage.

“Why are you here?” she jolted out of her thoughts. “I know why am here but don’t know why am here. It’s like am suppose to do this but shouldn’t, is it even in my place too?” she stuttered. She sighed. “I forgive him Victor” he was stunned. “Excuse me?!” he barked.

“He hurt you, he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness and he’s a jerk” he said in a breath. She can’t consider going back to him. “I deserve peace though he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, besides he’s my jerk. I….” she swallowed. “I love him jerky and all” she admitted. He growled. “I am sorry Victor, it will always be Ovie. He deserve a second chance, I don’t have any other option. C’mon I am not stupid, it is scarcy. You should be cheering me on.” he grimaced.

“We always have a choice, you just made yours. Now you get to live with it” he told her and stood up. “You probably figured out I have feelings for you and you still choose him. I wish all women would be like you and give their spouse a second chance though It’s a stupid move” He went inside. Onye sat on the steps a while longer.

Weeks Later….
Ovie and Onye waited anxiously in waiting room. They had undergone series of treatment and hoped for a positive result. STD isn’t something they can just discard. He lost hope in their union when she left but for some reason he can’t discern, she came back. That’s probably what marriage is about, there’s happy times, there’s the challenges. One often never bounces back from. In all he was grateful to God she came back.

The doctor gave them a ray of hope, the only thing he needed besides his wife. He couldn’t deny his love for her, she couldn’t deny it either. They headed for the exit hands interwoven together, they were the centre of attention as all eyes were on them.

“I thought of something” Onye said calmly. He turned in her direction, “Let’s renew our wedding vows” he smiled. “That would be nice. I will plan towards it” he said.

Maybe I took the wrong step. Onye thought to herself. I told God to fix my marriage, to bring my husband back and he did. It would be wrong not to do my own side of the bargain. He brought Ovie back as a new man, what more can I ask for? I trust God to make the path ahead beautiful. He won’t let me down or put me to shame. I can confidently say God mended my heart.


4 thoughts on “A short story: Mended Heart” by Gere Ochuko (@GereOchuko)

  1. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

    Beautiful story about forgiveness which is one of the greatest themes . Unfortunately, issues like confusing use of tenses detract from the beauty of the story.

  2. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    Nice story Gere. I was thinking we should have known the type of STD they had.

  3. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice story. It would have been better if you’d carefully edited it.

    Several issues, but I find this one disturbing–a product, I guess, of abbreviations and online chatting:

    “I know why ‘am’ here but don’t know why ‘am’ here.” (It ought to be I’m, not ‘am’).

    Also, Onye mentioned that they would be unable to bear children as a result of the STD. The doctor’s report, did it confirm or nullify this assertion?

    Nice theme, but the story itself should be convincing enough.

  4. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Yes. Namdi spoke my mind.

    Nice story though.

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