You are on my Mind 1

You are on my Mind 1




” You are on my mind”

I received this 6:40 am

I was curious to know

Who sent me a deep poem

I had to go through my chat

To see whose name is there

I smiled when i saw it was you

wow! my very good friend

I checked the time it was sent

And I couldn’t think of what it meant

I thought you were going to talk

By giving a call once its 7:00am

Or rather send more words

Before 8:00am
It’s 19:35 already

I still haven’t heard another one

“You are on my mind”


One thought on “You are on my Mind 1” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    somewhat, chilling. Love it!

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