The Liberator – FINALE

Not bothering to check if Star Lady was still around that vicinity, Gbemi walked into the street, she tried checking briefly but didn’t see the green spacebus in the parking lot. Gbemi wondered what she would have done about it even if she sighted it. She kept walking in the middle of the road, hoping that the same prayers that had saved her from the man’s hungry libido would help her find a true helper.

Very few shops were opened that night, some suya spots too had their bright lantern on, she knew that language barrier would debar her from communicating her experience with the hausa suya sellers. She kept walking in that dark with little illumination from the street lights, until she finally came to a small house that had a dim light. Mutterings from the house attracted her.

“Good evening,” she said in Yoruba, hoping to get a response in that language too, but what she got instead were some funny Hausa words, like; Yowa! And Inakwana? She didn’t understand and therefore hastened her steps off, she came finally to a shop with a woman in front of it, she was an old woman selling charcoal, and was already closing her shop when Gbemi deliberately greeted her in Yoruba. The woman responded clearly.

“Mama, please I need your help,” she explained and was offered a sit.

Gbemi narrated her ordeal to the woman, she didn’t even hide the amount on the cheque. The woman felt deep pity and appreciation for her.

“My house is not very far, but my husband is a very difficult man,” The old woman said. “But I do have a neighbour who is God fearing, she should help you back to your village safely.

The neighbour that Gbemi was introduced to was an hausa girl, the girl was a christian who belonged to the popular SU (Scripture Union) set, but her name too was Esther, so there was a quite fear in Gbemi’s heart. The neighbour took proper care of her and informed her about several privileges that city offered without ones involvementin dirty deals, but Gbemi had suddenly developed a deep hatred for the city as they say, first impressions lasts longer. Esther offered Gbemi wears that made her feel extremely comfortable and warm.

The next morning, Gbemi showed Esther the cheque and she got information about how to withdraw it at the bank. – First, she wrote her name in the space Chief had deliberately left due to his ignorance of her name, next, Gbemi needed an Identity Card for identification by the bank. That was not difficult with the numerous business centres in Kano, who printed plastic I.D cards for local companies and personal use. She left the house early and got the necessary requirements, and then went to the bank and withdrew the money. She was careful to comport herself so that she would not be followed by thieves.

Gbemi was less overwhelmed by possessing such huge amount of money. She simply proceeded to drop a tenth of it for the old woman who had helped her the previous night. The woman prayed for her as she received it with joy. Gbemi also went to the woman’s neighbour to drop some amount too, but Esther respectfully refused.

With proper directions, Gbemisola headed back to her village. She stopped along the line and lodged in an hotel to avoid getting to her village very dark. She completed her journey the next day,around noon.

Mama Abiye had started regretting their decision to send their daughter to the city. Her husband felt it was a natural feeling of homesickness until he had a disturbing dream about the daughter the previous night too. He hoped to write a letter to the address Esther gave to them, calling back for the poor girl.

The house was calm as it always was, the couple were outside discussing about the procedure the man would have to take in calling back his only daughter when the bamboo gate opened up to an emerging Gbemi. The couple didn’t consider the necessity of their letter again, they ran towards her with utter excitement. She had a lot to tell them, but the best part was that there was a huge sum of money now in their possession which was legally theirs.

The money, Gbemi was sure, would be quite enough to restart his father’s faming business, start a small trading business for her mother and send her to a proper tutorial college in a neighboring village, in preparation for her exams into the university. Above all, Gbemi was certain that this money, was definitely not the kind that would cause a quarrel in their home.


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  1. Love it so much. Happy ending. Good job Levus.

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      @Efiokbrythe, Thanks for following till the very end brother.

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    Gbemi was just lucky….Happy ending!
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