The Guest Chapter 10

“Well she does look a bit like her, but u should know, that secretary had a Central African accent, and my Anna does not. So I suggest we drop this conversation right now.”

“Ok I will.” Tim rubbed his forehead with the back of his palm.

“So let’s see, today is Thursday. See you on Friday. I guess im gonna be getting married on Saturday the 17th.” Replied Mark.

“I guess you are bro.”

“Wait no bachelor party?” Mike inquired.

“Come back then we will talk.” Replied Tim

“Ok mahn.” Mark spoke, with a witty grin across his face.

Tim dropped the call and adjusted his trouser buckle with his right hand, but his trouser didn’t seem to want to stay in place, as he was used to adjusting his belt buckle with his two hands. After a few seconds of battling with his belt, he gave up and flew his shirt back.

“Honey! I’m gonna be going out for a bit.” Tim shouted

Joan came running out of the kitchen and met him in the living room with his attire out of sync. His white shirt was wrinkled at the collar and the neckline bent to one side. She held him by the neck and slowly adjusted his collar.

“Where to?”

“To see Paul”

“Should I go with you?” Joan inquired.

“We talked about this. It’s too dangerous. One of us has to stay back in case something happens to me.”

“Nothing will happen to you. Even when you were in the war, you still came back to me my love.”

He kissed her on the lips and held her on the waist, swerved her to the side, touched her chin and passionately stared into her eyes. She turned her back in the direction of the kitchen and just as she was about to go, he immediately grabbed the tail end her apron. She swerved  back anticlockwise to the initial position that she was when she fixed his shirt, kissed him multiple times, touched him gently on his chest and playfully pushed him .

“Go! Before my food burns.” Said Joan with smirked lips

“I will be back in time for dinner. “Tim replied

Tim turned and left for the door, while Joan put her right hand over her mouth, with an upside down eyebrow.

Tim stood under the scorching sun for long time trying to get a taxi, he daydreamed of how fun it will be to drive again. Just then a Green colored Toyota Camry taxi parked in front of him. “Blue gate Apartments! How much?”

“Two hundred naira.”

“Ok! Nice.” Tim replied

Tim entered the back seat of the car while muttering words to himself, and the taxi driver looking at him through the rear view mirror.

“Oga! This one wey your face dey like this hope no problem?” The driver turned his head to look backwards.

“Watch the road!” Tim replied. Pointing his hands at the windshield of the moving vehicle

“Sorry sir o no vex I bin just dey show concern” he said.

Timothy replied almost immediately:

“It’s ok o! it’s just that I have been really stressed out and all that” he shrieked.

“Ok o!” the cab driver replied.

The driver then continued;

“Oga! no be only you o! The problem is everywhere o! Even the recent increase in petrol is not helping matters, and I have five children to feed. Those politicians keep getting richer and we keep cleaning up after them o. Sha! Obasanjo is trying o eh with this G.S.M thing and all that, but we need better roads though, I can tell you the reason why I haven’t gone to my village in three years, I don’t want to die on the road johr. Beni!” he stated.

“Well! The best thing for us to do is to pray o” Tim replied.

“He continued; “I wonder where our money goes to though”.

Twenty minutes later, the car tires came to a halt, on the tar surface facing the Apartment building.

“Wait here!”

“Sorry Oga, but you would have to pay me extra.”

“You too like money” Tim replied while making a fake smile, he jerked a few steps backward, before he turned and went through the gate of the apartment building.

He went upstairs. Knocked on the front door of the target apartment. There was no reply at the other end. He turned the door handle, only to find the front door had been open all this while. He slowly entered the apartment calling Paul’s name as he entered, the door made a creek sound as it was opening. He entered the living room with the TV switched on. He paused to take a glimpse of the Arsenal match up game in motion as Joel Campbell attempted to make a sliding tackle while putting the ball into touch. His eyes spotted the rear of Paul’s head resting on the couch and facing the TV. “Mehn! Didn’t this guy hear me coming in? How loud is this TV anyway?” Tim thought to himself. Just then he heard the sound of the car engine he came with startup and drive away.

He moved away from where he stood staring at the back of Paul’s head, and he came slowly to the front of where Paul sat facing the TV. Paul had his face down to the floor.

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