The Goat-boy

The Goat-boy

The goat was enthusiastically chewing cud when he heard a gunshot.  Due to fright of the gunshot, he started bleating to the hearing of Mr. Judge, the owner. As soon as Mr. Judge stepped out to see what was wrong with his goat, he found the goat quiet and calm, with a great deal of curd in his mouth.  The owner went closer, paused and wondered if there was a spiritual goat making the noise he heard right inside his room because, his goat was so calm that anyone at the scene would think the way the owner thought.  He went back to his room and continued what he was doing.  Not quite long, the goat started bleating again as though it was being strangled.  But Mr. Judge did not bother to check this time.  He assumed the goat was making fun of him or even playing with him.  Though, he had a second thought that the goat might have been possessed by an evil spirit.  So, he quickly ran out for the second time to see what was really wrong with the said goat.  Reaching the scene, the goat was very busy drinking water to digest the cud he had been chewing.  The owner went closer and closer, but was afraid to touch the goat because he was seen behaving strange.


The next day, early in the morning, he heard the goat making a different noise from the one he made the previous day and the noise was such that made Mr. Judge thought the goat was laughing or something else.   The goat stopped eating food, and depended on chewing cud he manufactured from nowhere.  The recent development of the goat scared the owner so much, that he refused seeing the animal around him. But that did not solve the problem.  Instead the problem worsen, to the extent whereby the goat was seen interacting with other goats, while he was alone. Mr. Judge ran away from his house to a friend’s house, who adviced him to take actions.  What he did was to take the goat to the hospital. The veterinary doctor examined the goat for three consecutive days, as instructed by the owner.  At the sight of the result, the man was cleared that his goat wasn’t suffering from any medical problems.  In that case, both he and the doctor confirmed it must be a spiritual case.  So he took him to a Pastor.  The Pastor after praying for the goat made it known to him that his goat was stolen from a shrine.


The said goat wasn’t really an ordinary goat but a full human being turned to a goat for the sake of money.  Mr. Stone took Brown his son to a native doctor because he yearned to have money by all means.  So, Brown was used for a sacrifice where he was turned to a goat and was meant to be detained as a goat for one whole year, and within the year, he would be misbehaving.  That was the reason the goat behaved – half human, half goat.


Two young men who were also in need of money overheard the goat bleating in the shrine of one native doctor and decided to steal him in the absence of the native doctor.  These thieves were successful.  They sold the goat to Mr. Judge who was the current owner of the goat-boy. Meanwhile, the native doctor never bothered to go in search of the goat because he knew within him that one day, the stealers would return him.


The Pastor planned a night vigil for the goat to be delivered.  He invited some of his strong members, who were in the prayer warrior group.  Exactly 12 mid night, the prayer began.  The people prayed for almost two hours before the goat began to speak.  The goat made it known to them that he was a human, but was turned to a goat, and they should help him.  Immediately before the prayer ended, the goat turned back to a full handsome boy of 15 years.  He confessed how his father promised that he was taking him to a place for a surprise, as a gift for his birthday.  The said day he was turned to a goat was the day he was supposed to celebrate his birthday, but it turned out for him to be a day of unexpected act of evil mind of his own father.


The Pastor used the scene to deliver the goat owner.  He was somewhat possessed by the goat.  His mouth was found opened since the goat turned to a boy.  He was wondering why he fell victim of the incident.  And the most painful part of the play, as it occurred to the goat owner was, he had been feeding a goat-boy for the past two months before his reactions.   He thought of not returning to his house because, he had a hen, and the hen in question sometimes misbehaved even more than the goat-boy did.  So, he told the Pastor he was going to be with him in his house, until he send a gang of boys to murder the hen.  Though, the Pastor made it clear to him that the accused hen was innocent of the charges and should be left to be.  He concurred with him and went his ways, still in fright.


After, the incident, the Pastor made it known to everyone that, not every goat is a goat, not every animal is an animal, some are something else used to manipulate humanity, carry out evil operations that is mysterious and could not easily be figured out as it occurred in the case of the goat-boy.  He used the opportunity to let people know that they must be careful on how they approach things and how they take actions that could ruin their lives.  Among the people listening were also both the native doctor and Mr. Stone, the father of the goat-boy.  Both of them repented.  The native doctor saw that his charms were subject to failure, which failed and that God is the ultimate of all.  The father of the boy learnt that money was not everything in life and every hidden actions must be exposed, as he was.  The people were ready to execute both of them, but did not succeed as the Pastor made it known to them that God is always a merciful God, who love to have sinners repented of their sins and not to be executed.  Everyone was overwhelmed by the preaching of the Pastor and they all learnt morals from the reality of life and from the incident of the goat-boy.

8 thoughts on “The Goat-boy” by Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

  1. Harry Enomamien (@Silvadereal)

    Nice story I must confess, but it was too in a rush.

    The story isn’t complete. If you could think over it again and again, you would bring out a whole lot of episodes out of it.

    Nice one.

    Keep writing.

    1. Yah, you are correct. Thanks!

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    * You used the pronoun ‘he’ for a goat?
    * The goat heard a gun shot and was frightened, how come it started acting normally just in a heart beat? Moreover, it did not require a trigger to manifest its strange behaviour the subsequent time.

    The story really have a lot of issues. This is my view: Though such events are said to be possible, the way it was presented here makes it unrealistic.

    1. Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

      You are most welcome with your view and the way you see it Mr. Nnadi. But you see, in Literature, there’s what is called ‘Suspension of disbelief’ and that’s what makes most literary work FICTION. This is fiction and should be treated as such. And all audience of literature MUST suspend the fact that certain literary stories are not real, and should see them real so that they derive enjoyment.

      The pronoun HE for the goat is purely for emphasis and to bring out certain elements, which critics have helped to highlight. Sorry that wouldn’t be discussed here.

      So, please judge the work midly.

  3. My Vallii (@My-Vallii)

    Dear Godson, this story is coined like what you tell to a 5yr old or what you read off an ordinary tabloid. There is room for much improvement

    1. chinnydearie (@Benjohyce)

      yea i agree with you @my-vallii

    2. Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

      Correction noted@ Vallii. Thanks

  4. I must confess the title drew me to this post. Nice effort. More ink to your pen

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