Story By Dindy: Divorce

Story By Dindy: Divorce

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Divorce a strange word to me(because it has not happened to me).
A word that was not meant to be (when you ask God for guardian things like this won’t happen because he will always stand for your family and help you choose the right person).
A word that is not a good name for a family.
A word that pulls a kid’s childhood asunder (the separation of parent could affect the kid or kids in so many ways).
A word we should pray not to come our way (if the devil set your home on fire, believe me divorce will surely find it’s creepy way in).
A word that makes you put blame on things (you begin to hate depending on the person and situation; men, women, family, and love…..etc).
Divorce is more like breaking a life bond than a separation, let me add to that by saying, it is a force of division amongst two married people who once saw love shining in each others eyes.
It is a heartbreaking thing when someone you love so much tells you “I want a divorce”, those words cut through the throat, lungs, heart and stomach; like a chainsaw dividing your internal system.
I don’t know why some people blame and lay curses on their partner seeking for divorce, Let’s face the facts here; you are the one to be blamed, if you were more prayerful or more cautious and more attentive towards what was really doing on around you it won’t happen and if you did the proper thing by making God the head of your marriage it won’t happen, but seriously you are not to blame anything or the type of person you married.
Believe me it is not really necessary you get married on time because marriage is a life time thing not a per-time thing.
If you don’t seek God before you get married you might actually end up blaming and cursing your partner which won’t work. Marriage is all about the love and trust without no lies and secrets. One of the things that causes divorce is lies and secret, those things are home breakers.
People don’t fully understand the meaning of marriage, that is why the word Divorce always comes into their homes.
-When you know the person you married can’t do without having another woman/man out side, why did you go ahead and marry the person?.
-When you know the person you married loves money, why did you make that mistake of marrying the person?.
-When you know the person you married is a liar, why did you go ahead to marry such person?.
Those are the types of mistakes that always break homes and futures.
In marriage money should never be a reason for you to marry because a rich man/woman today could be a poor man/woman tomorrow.
The endowment of a person should not be the reason for you to marry the person because as the person gets pregnant, things change and as the person gets older the whole body begins to fold and fade.
The way a man/lady speaks should never be the reason for you to marry him/her because with time the voice tone will change or the person could be faking it.
When you marry by what you see things always end up badly and divorce is certainly a sure outcome.
In most cases people are forced into marriage by family, those are the people I have pity for.
If they are lucky they could end up with a good person but if not then I’m truly feel sorry.
Some people are the curse of their own problem in marriage. When a lady/man has the inability to keep her/his man/woman, for example:
-A lady who can’t cook or take good care of the house or baby or children or husband.
-A lady who always ask and ask or spent too much money on jewelleries.
-A lady/man that lacks respect for her/his man/woman.
-A lady/man who cares only for herself/himself.
-A lady/man that has too much pride.
Divorce in most cases happens when your love dies down for your partner and it is mostly caused when you realise that what you saw before is not what you are seeing again.
When you marry a man/lady it doesn’t stop you from changing the way you guys were when you were just bf and girl friend (please don’t get me wrong, what I meant by that was you shouldn’t stop having fun together, I didn’t mean you should continue your old bad ways).
Most people will say “now that I am married I won’t do what I do before”, and that is where the mistake start from because if your man/lady liked the way you were and you changed after your marriage then things won’t work out for you guys.
Sometimes its good you change; that is if your partner accepts it or tells you to do so.
Sometimes bad advice tends to break a home, its always better you keep away bad friends and people with a divorce history, or people who are not yet married, or even people that are married away from your marriage, because some of them will only feed you up with non sense and at the end you will regret why you ever took their advice. The right one to ask for help in your marriage is GOD (prays) and no other.
There is another thing that makes marriage sink,its called “IMPATIENCE”;
-A lady/man should always remain patient with who she/he marries, no matter the situation, you never can tell when things will change forever.
Marriage is more than a ring or love or trust or beauty, marriage is a union between two gods (remember we are gods on earth).
God, things, environment, and situations are some of the things that build up a marriage from a valley level to a mountain glory (valley stands for the division between partners but mountain means they are no more partners but have now fully become one great foundation).
-Divorce is more of a restrain not an achievement.
-It is more of a failure than a good result.
-It is more of people of the world than of people with the heart of GOD.
-Man/woman should learn to know who or what they are about to marry before involving themselves into a pit of endless fall of pain, heartbreak tears, sorrow, and frustration.
Learn to pray and listen to things around you before you get married to someone who will push you to a place of metal and emotional instability.
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