Sex In The Pool

Sex In The Pool

Natasha pranced about in a gait that screamed pride. It was a birthday celebration, and one needed not be told that she was the celebrant. As always, she looked as crazy and as wild, her sex appeal totally dwarfing that of other females in the party, thanks to the generosity of her dastardly short gown in showcasing her assets. The guys could barely take their eyes off the destructive beauty, and many females were going green with envy.

All programmes for the celebration were soon exhausted and it was party time, it was an all night party. Natasha took off the wicked gown, and revealed a mercilessly hot bikini that showed off the goods in totality. She dived into the blue rectangular swimming pool, and began swimming in breasts strokes and back strokes, her friends screaming in loud cheers. She swam for a little while before others began junping ib

About three hours later, Kazeem looked at his wrist watch, it was fifteen minutes to ten.

“Perfect time” he smirked.

It had gone dark, and Natasha was still catching fun in the pool when she felt a hand drag at her pants. She made to scream but her words ran back into her throat when she saw the shadow of the pistol on the water revealed by the dim red lights. She turned to look at him, her heart thumped as she realised the face. It was the man whose cheek had almost got burned under the heat of her palm when he had approached her a few months back, Kazeem. She obliged, powerless. Kazeem dragged her to an angular end of the pool, he violently kissed her lips, he shifted her bra and and attacked her breasts, sucking and biting furiously. He had raped her, and it was a rushed but ruthless sex.

After listening to the story the next day, Anabelle, Natasha’s friend, could not suppress the laughter, even as she saw that her friend was crying.

2 thoughts on “Sex In The Pool” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Nice one. Though, I just thought of this: No one saw the sex scene?

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    The title is such a turn off. Makes me cringe and then we didn’t get to see the “sex” either. Overall, it was rape, and it wasn’t handled properly with words. I wonder what inspired this story.

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