Rants Of A Teenager

Rants Of A Teenager

Do they ever listen?
How I’m sure they really understand my plight?
Is there any sense of empathy in you two?
Do they really care?
Why are you two like this?

I thought you’re my parents;
A place I can go to and rely solely on
I thought you’re friends;
Someone I can trust always
But I got the opposite
I try to believe it’s your busy schedule
But I don’t know what to believe anymore.

I have questions
I need answers
I crave for attention
I want to understand some changes
I need your perspective about issues
But you’re never ready to heed
Maybe it’s a crime to be a teen
A grave disaster to ever grow up with inquisitions

At first, I felt you’re busy
I tried to understand
But it’s now constant
And it’s killing me inside
How can you be too busy for me?
Do I really deserve the silent treatment;
One word one answer for every quest?
Money could fade away;
Business might die down
But I’ll always be here;
Coping and persevering through thin and dark with you
But I don’t think you understand that truth.

Now I try to find a listening ear elsewhere
Trust was what I always feared
But I dared to take that step
And now I’m someone you don’t know;
Someone I wish I knew myself
I found the answers to the quest you should have made ease for me in the hard way
Is this how it ought to be?

I think about my child
I imagine him or her threading this same path
Paths of a teenager who needs answers to their inquisitions
Path that makes us wonder about the changes in our bodies and mind
I imagine him or her seeking answers and attention elsewhere
And I understood what it means to give my time and attention to my child
Too bad you let me learn the hard way!


2 thoughts on “Rants Of A Teenager” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. Matthew Oluwafemi (@MrGudMood)

    Good poetry; I love the progression from being a teen to a parent.
    I think all parents need to read this.
    Nice Job.

  2. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    Thank you @MrGudMood

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