Life Is A Movie – One That Will End Before The Ending

Life Is A Movie – One That Will End Before The Ending

Like men watch movies with their television set, so are they watched on another television.  Obviously, the television that watch men is one that has no fictitiousness within. It is rather one of spiritual-reality; in the sense that it exist, but is not visible to mortality. But who could be the watcher of this television? Let the answer to this question remain pending.  Most times, the movie men watch could be a tragedy, comedy, tragi-comedy, farce or burlesque and all the likes. But this movie which holds life is of none of the recent mentioned. Yet, its ending must choose to be any one of them ” maybe, comic, tragic etc; depending how the affected actor played his part here on earth

It is transparently real that the theatric actors play their parts in accordance to their scripts and the directions of the director. But men of non-fictional plays have decided not to play their parts according to the Divine script given to them, neither do they humble their bubble towards the directions of the Divine Director.  The silent Director directs, directed, and still directing; but His directions are like the dews and snow of the watery moist ” it comes and go, but will one day end.

Reality has it beyond debatable instances that the theatre directors yell at any misbehaving, and previously misbehaved actor.  But the Divine Director has humbly pleaded and is still pleading with the actors of the entire earth to act in accordance to His scripted article for all.  Too calm, too slow towards actions. No yelling at the moment. Punishment may not be now while you misbehave in your acts.  But man cannot run from His wrath when the cup is full, and while darkness finds it root in your breathe.

See! Watch! See Him looking at your misbehaviours. What a painful movie!  It’s more than a tragedy. His television is also crying.  All the divine Audiences are also crying.  They have sent lambs who are physically weak to show you their mighty spiritual powers.  They may be weak physically, but let their words and your script be the eloquence of truth!

“Had I known” has always been the case for they that do not want to play accordingly. Why not let the ‘Had I known” go now, while the movie is still playing? The funny, yet bitter truth regarding this movie is that it has no rewinding, editing or erasing when it has stopped playing, unlike the theatric ones you see. It is not just a movie.  But a movie beyond movie.

“Because everyone does it”, doesn’t mean it’s good!

Why not play your own script, rather than playing another’s?

Are you still bold when you commit flaws, because the Director does not yell at you?

He will not yell now, because He’s not a theatre or Nollywood director. His directions are swift but calm. Utilize this opportunity now while the movie is not yet over.

Do you know that this particular movie can finish this moment, without getting to the end?

It doesn’t even have beginning, let alone having middle or end. It began before the beginning and will end before the ending!

See your script shouting in the scripture ” “Act according to me, the Director have written it in your heart. Don’t you have conscience? Can’t you see the truth in that Divine book “the Bible; and amend your ways? Don’t be caught unawares!

Sleep awhile and watch a lot!



2 thoughts on “Life Is A Movie – One That Will End Before The Ending” by Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

  1. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    Nicely written @godsonpen. We are truly actors in the play Life whose scripts is written by the Creator himself God Almighty. Thanks for the reminder. It is okay to share on social media of course giving you credit for it.

    1. Thank God you read it, and got reminded Blackgold. I wish you well in all endeavours

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