A Country of Cannibals

Just last week; I saw some very mouth- watering UNESCO Food Intervention jobs in Maiduguri,
Yobe, Kano and other core Northern locations. Needless remind you that I’m a Food Technologist. An “Oliver Twist” type- food technologist who is always roaming the veld seeking for greener foliage to forage.

Yet, I let this one pass me by.
Let it pass- for I understand what religious localization and religion- incited genocides and pogroms mean.

It means that if I venture to Kano or Maiduguri for bread, I’m indirectly signing off my life- to be spared or wasted on the sacrificial altars of Northern Religious fanaticism. But if I stay here, in Uyo, I will have given myself some right to freedom of worship and expression.

It simply means that here in the South, though I might be arrested and arraigned for some inciteful speech or royal “pet-naming”, I still have a chance to appear in court and beg “not guilty” for my preposterous crimes; than I would’ve found myself beaten into pulp and burnt beyond recognition for either eating “my own Ewa” on a fast-day or reading my Bible along the streets or “blaspheming a holy name” in Northern Nigeria. In those parts there are no mercies for US infidels and no voice from the government against THEM. It then becomes them against us.

So, wisdom spells- for a common- Southern- Christian- Ibibio- man like me to stay confined to this liberal and highly oppressed Southern parts of our vast “one Nigeria”.

This preposition of mine cannot stay alight- as a flailing flame ignited under the winds of the social media philosophers and “obomo-nkukus” that abound here. My shadowy ramblings cannot stand under the shades of their strong reason and logic.
It truly does not make sense; but whatever other thing does makes sense, especially in Our Nigeria of today?

So my fools wisdom remains the only wisdom I would prescribe for any Southerner who is still out there.

“Come home, to where you are safe, before this bloodied contraption of a country finally implodes.


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