Yes To Education

Imagine a generation
that relegates Education to a hidden location.
What will be the situation
if not retardation instead of illumination?
What will be the situation
If not like a child suffering from malnutrition?
Only if they have seen procrastination as an abomination.

Who birthed Civilization?
Answer me.
Who nurtured millions of World population
and raised Nations now speaking about industrialization?
Who? Who? Who if not Education?

Education is the foundation
for proper formation.
It widens your imagination
sharps your dreams and sharpens your vision.
Education sets you on a meaningful mission.
It is the centre for information
without which the mind is denied renovation.

There’s no limitation in Education
‘Cause determination is the fuel that drives this vehicle of transformation.
Education doesn’t start at entrance examination
and doesn’t stop after graduation.
You know why?

Education is beyond the four walls of an institution.
It’s more than the addition and the substraction
More than the dictation and comprehension.
Education is the continuous change in the mind’s orientation.

Accept it without consideration.
Then you’ll live a life of satisfaction
And be happy with your profession.

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