We all wear a MASK

Whether for disguise, fear of judgement or shame,

We all wear a mask

That woman was condemned and said to be loose

And so rather than come out and live free

Rather than air her opinions where she did not agree,

She wore a mask to bury her voice

Dear man, why do you walk around acting all funny and impoverished?

Well, you see, in times past when I thought I was being loved by a woman,

She was there just to drain me of all I had and runoff with an alternative lover

So don’t question my reason

I’ll wear this mask till the one who sees me first as someone to be loved,

And not lived off, comes along…

Then and only then will I take off this Mask

but then I’m not sure it’ll be as easy as said

Child, that character you play at home is it same with that at school,

Where the feasting eyes of your parents aren’t able to watch you?

My mask, is a fashion item…

No wait, my parents aren’t here…

It’s more than a fashion item.

It lets me be the person I can’t be back home

So I wear it just so my parents can enjoy the play

So you see, it’s a necessary evil for me

Well, truth is, no matter the class you belong,

At some point we all wear a mask

A mask to cover the hurt we feel

A mask to make people think, we are better than who they think we are

A mask hide our opinions so we will not be judged for what we believe in

A mask to pretend to be who and what we think we are or are not.

That mask can be good, it could be bad.

Folks often judge too quickly, so their game increases the footfall of many to the mall of masks

So welcome to the world’s store of masks, but first you must tell me,

What story do you want told or untold behind that mask?

And mind you, this also might not be my real face too.

3 thoughts on “We all wear a MASK” by TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

  1. “at the end, we all wear masks” nice one

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    This is really good…and so true! Well done!

  3. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Thank you @vanessa and @jabanz for stopping by… ☺

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