The Guest Chapter 9

Mark picked up the letter, opened it up, and saw a positive result of a pregnancy test. He pretended not to see it, and held it out to Jenny. Jenny came back to get her piece of paper, as Mark stared at her with an ill adjusted warm smile-while she approached. She saw his expression and nodded politely while pulling the letter out of his hands, and for a second their eyes met. She took pacey strides right down to the exact spot where William stood waiting for her, her heels seemed to enjoy the rhythmic sound to each step that was made on the hardwood floor. Mark observed William standing close to the reception desk, picking his teeth with his tongue, and he was also quick to divert his eyes away from the mild erotic thought generated from watching Jenny walk away.

Just as he was about to turn the crested door knob that led to the entrance of his office, he heard his cell phone ring. He picked it out of his pocket and flipped his Motorola razor phone open, checked the caller id and saw it was Tim at the other end of the line.

“I have something to tell you.” Mark spoke.

“Me too!” Replied Tim.

“You go first.” Said Mark

“No! You go first.” Tim insisted.

“Ha-ha OK I will go first.” Replied Mark. He then clutched his phone closer to his ear and bent his head face-down towards his feet. Turned his head towards his office door and opened it slowly in a sneaky stance. He shut the door behind him and spoke in a mild tone.

“I think I’m gonna be a father.” He continued

“Oh my God that’s wonderful.” Replied Tim. With a big smile across his face.

“Anna is pregnant?” Tim asked and slid his phone in-between his neck and his head to give space to the only hand he had left because he needed to use that hand to reach for the remote. He heard Joan shout from the kitchen as to when he was going to see Paul. In his mind Tim thought “This woman dare not say diamond“. Then he paused and shouted back. “Honey! I’m on the phone. I will go later today.” He then continued his phone call.

“You were saying Anna is pregnant right?”

“No! Jenny is pregnant.” Replied Mark with real time speed.

“Which Jenny? Wait … Wait … Wait. The hot Interpol lady? You finally tapped that?” Tim asked with a puzzled face.

“Yes my man, although it was a onetime thing.”

“But wait! What makes you sure you are the father?”

“Well I know I am or I think I am. I woke up in her bed like a month ago. ”

“But you were dating Anna during that time. Weren’t you?”

“Yeah I know, and I promised myself I won’t drink again.” Replied Mark repentantly.

“And what about your full glass at my coming home party?”

“Hey!! It was a special occasion, it doesn’t count.”

“Ha-ha, I guess you haven’t told Anna then.., and how are you sure it’s yours? Did she tell you herself? Didn’t you guys use protection?”

“Uhm. I think I’m gonna have to call you back, I will investigate. You are breaking up man.” Mark started making static noise impressions on the microphone of his handheld device.

“Will see you at the wedding next weekend then.” Tim kept repeating.

“Sure, let me just tidy things in the office. Bye!”

“Wait before you hang up, I remember where I know Anna from, she was in the embassy the day the diamonds were stolen. I am 100% sure. Remember, we saw her that day, she introduced herself as the special assistant to the ambassador. She was a little skinny back then and she had a different hair. I can’t forget the face.”

“Well obviously you can’t because she was all over you. Maybe undressing you with her eyes. ”

“But she looks like her doesn’t she?”

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