The Free Gift

The Free Gift

life tree
The Free gift
There is a source to it divinely
It does not discriminate
No one should be deprived of it
It doesn’t exclude animals or insects
Plant and trees, it part of nature.

For some it has to be paid for
while it will be snuffed out from others unjustly
For some it will be taken away because of justice
While it is available, a lot to be made out of it
Moments of joy, sadness, pain and peace.

Invisible to the eyes, sensitive to the nose
The lungs appreciates it well
Few let it go willingly, most will not
But one day it will leave
Never to return again.

This free gift
The air, breath, life.

5 thoughts on “The Free Gift” by Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

  1. Free gift indeed!
    lovely post.

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      @GereOchuko : thanks pal :)

  2. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Free indeed.
    Keep writing

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      @Levuz : Sure pal :)

  3. Free, but not cheap.
    This is great, @Olushademi keep it up.

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