The chosen one

The chosen one

Episode 1
The chosen one by Esisoh Blessing
(note this story is first title as HIV POSITIVE
but the name has been changed so those of
you who have read some part of it before ,this
is the name now thanks)
“So Mary Paul is actually coming back from
America tomorrow”,favour asked Mary her
“Yes girlfriends, you don’t know how happy i
am now”.
“Girlfriend you are very lucky,i mean look at
you”,faith chipped in.
“You can say that again girls”
“I really wish i have a boyfriend like Paul who
can be buying me all this goodies”,divine
chipped in.
“Don’t worry about that girls,i have goodnews
for you”,Mary said.
“Good news”,all said.
“Yes girls goodnews and you all are going to
love it”,Mary replied.
“So go ahead and tell us then”,favour said.
“You girls have to guess first”,Mary replied.
“Mary you have started again oh”,Divine
“Mary please just tell us, you know that i am
not good at guessing”,said faith.
“Like i said you girls have to guessed first so i
am waiting”,mary said
“Alright Paul promised to buy you another
Brazilian weavon”,said favour.
“No very far from that”,mary replied.
“Ha mary i don’t know why you like doing this
oh but let me try my best”,said divine.
“Go ahead i am waiting”.
“Paul is bringing you a new laptop”,said
“No but you are almost there shall,what about
you faith”.
“Come on mary you know that i am not good
at guessing,just go ahead and tell us before i
die of curiosity here”,faith replied.
“Yes i am tired just go ahead and tell us”,said
“Alright girls, the good news is that my
sweetheart paul is coming to this village with
his best friend Frederick”,mary said.
“Oh my God this is a big catch,i can’t
wait”,said divine.
“But mary hope this is not one of your silly
jokes”,said favour.
“Yes mary,you may just be pulling our legs like
you always do”,faith replied.
“Come on girls,you know i can’t joke with
something as serious as this”
“Oh my God,this is actually true,i am so
happy”,said Favour.
“Mary you know that i am your best friend na
so when he comes just introduce me to
him”,said Divine.
“Shut your mouth there,introduce you to
who,Mary don’t tell me you are planning to
introduce this girl to My Fred”,said Favour .
“And you who are you calling your Fred, listen
very well both of you whether you like it or not
Fred is mine”,said faith.
“Haha haha haha haha haha, look who is
talking,this dry fish want to have Fred,Faith
you don suffer,na you this dry fish they follow
drag man”.
“Look at this one you are calling me dry fish,
you know very well that Fred will choose me if
he sees me and that is why you want to push
me out of the way but you have failed.
“You too are just here quarrelling over nothing
because as far as i am concern,i am the most
beautiful among you all and that’s why i will
be the chosen one,said Divine”.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa,So this Hausa goat won still
follow me drag Fred, my only Fred,”,said faith.
“Call me anything you like but Fred is mine
whether you like it or not”.
“We shall see who the chosen one is very
soon because i know that my handsome Fred
will not settle for low”,said Favour.
“And who are you calling low”.said divine
“Will you girls just shut your mouth,look at you
fighting for a guy that you haven’t met,proudly
calling him yours”,said mary angrily.
“Mary i am sorry,is because if this two
idiots”,said faith.
“And who are you calling idiot”,said favour and
divine angrily.
“If Mary and i are the beautiful and normal
people here then who is the idiots”.
“What”,Divine replied and tried to slapped faith
but Mary pushed her away.
“I can’t believe this girls,if someone had told
me that you three will behave like this i won’t
have believe it,i can see that the three of you
are not qualified to have Fred”,Mary said and
walked away but faith quickly ran after her
pleading with her.
“See what you have cost this stupid girl, if i
lose Fred because of this your stupidity i will
deal with you”,said favour angrily.
“You no fit do anything, abeg commont for my
house,you have overstayed your
welcome”,Divine replied.
“EnEn OK we shall see,favour said and walked

To be continued

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