Price Of Promise 2


Price Of Promise Episode 2

Yelwa watched her husband get dressed in a hurry. She tried speaking to him, he snubbed her. He is definitely serious about divorcing her. She needed to act fast, divorce will be a taint in her reputation she had worked hard to build. What can she do to avert it? She played the victim card, it was futile. Crying didn’t have an effect on him either. She can’t afford to lose her husband. He is probably going on a business trip as usual; he might spend the whole week. It is more than enough time to save my marriage, she thought to herself. She followed him to the door, Clem dished out instructions to Laura on his way out.

Yelwa slammed the door in anger and headed to her bedroom. She picked up her phone and dialed. She paced the room waiting for the call to be answered. “I want Sade out of Fagri today” she said immediately the call connected. “It will cost you” came the reply. A devious smile played on her lips. I haven’t taught her a lesson yet for the last insult. “You can have your way with her till I give you further instructions”
“With pleasure” She ended the call instantly.

Sade made a quick stop at Dina’s on her way to work, it squeaked open freely as she knocked. Something isn’t right. She said inwardly stepping into the house. Clem and Laura didn’t say anything last night. Dina might help clear up the air. She stopped briefly to admire the drawing on the wall, she remembered drawing it for her. “Dina…” she mouthed. Dina’s lifeless body lay on the couch. She then noticed the house was in shambles, like the aftermath of a fight.
Sophia hid at a safe distance from Dina’s house, her phone glued to her ear. “Sade is here” she told Yelwa over the phone. She saw Sade emerging from the house. Four men approached and grabbed her despite the fight she put up. Fear gripped Sophia. “Still there?” Yelwa asked almost yelling into the phone. “Er..rrr…yes, four men took her” “Your work is done. Leave undetected.” Yelwa instructed and hanged up. Her eyes were fixed on the scene as confusion took over.

Sade struggled in his arms, she can’t disappear again but he is too strong for her. She has to fight her way out of it, she recognized the men. They had abducted her before on Yelwa’s order. She obviously sent them again to finish the job. Fight Sade fight. A small voice spoke in her head. Do whatever you have to but do not let them take you away. A loud bang echoed, she immediately lost all strength and will to fight. Her head seemed like a bees hive, buzzing. She tried wielding her body to fight but it has lost it’s synergy. Sade’s eyes were shutting, she struggled to keep them open. She landed heavily on a hard object. She didn’t know where she was or how she got there. The last thing she saw was her abductor’s face.

Yelwa was all smiles strolling in the resort, she finally got the sleep she desired for so long. She slept soundly knowing the Lomos’ were out of her life for good. She had received a call notifying her of Dina death and also the arrest of the Lomos’. It is probably the happiest day of her life though she was yet to fix her marriage. Clem insisted on divorcing her without giving a solid reason. She shoved the thought aside. “I never knew I would see today. A week without the Lomos’” She said to herself. “Dreams do come true after all” she smiled, her first real smile in a long time.
“I never knew you smile” Sophia said catching up with Yelwa. “….and I told you to stay away from me” she said in a hostile voice. She was taken back by surprise. Yelwa capitalized on it. “You think we are buddies now? Don’t be naïve, why do you think the whole of Fagri trembles at the mere sight of Yelwa?” Reality dawned on Sophia, she placed a shaky hand on her lips. She had helped Yelwa eradicate the Lomos’ “You used me”.

Yelwa shrugged. “You benefited too, I won’t exactly use that word”, Sophia couldn’t believe her ears, she was played without realizing it. “You used me!” She spat angrily. “Watch your tone young lady” She retorted. “You used me” Sophia murmured. Yelwa rolled her eyes and walked on.
“I am not weak like them” Sophia said loudly getting her attention. Yelwa swiveled and bridge the gap between them. She caressed her cheek, Sophia avoided her eyes. In a swift move, Yelwa grabbed her hair and with her free hand held her face. Sophia sniffled in pain. Whispering she spoke. “Listen carefully weakling, don’t you threaten me. There is a reason I am still queen bee, you don’t know half of my secrets, Sade does but she doesn’t say a word because she knows what am capable of. You shouldn’t talk so much, you might end up missing like Sade or dead like Dina.” A petite crowd soon gathered. Her action drew their attention. She released her grip on her.
Sophia held her face, rubbing off the pain. Wiping her tears, she ran out of the resort. Yelwa gave a flimsy excuse and left the scene triumphant.

“I hate to be the bad guy” Sophia’s father said in a mockery tone after she told him of how Yelwa used her. “….but I told you so” He chuckled. “Pray hard she doesn’t come after you” he said with straight face. Her mother entered the living room with a contorted face. “She dares not harm my daughter” Sophia picked her nails nervously. She had no clue what Yelwa would do to her, or if her husband found out she was involved in framing the Lomos’ for murder.
She has a feeling she might end up like Dina and her husband. Her parents were battering words over the issue. “I watched Yelwa kill Dina’s husband, a worker at the resort.” She started. She couldn’t continue keeping it to herself. It was wearing her out. Her parents soon calmed down and listened. “They were having a heated conversation. I don’t know what they were talking about, she hit him and he retaliated. It angered her, they argued for few more minutes then she shot him. I was leaving when she spotted me, she pleaded I helped her, I obliged.”

Sophia let out a breath in exasperation. She didn’t realize tears were streaming down her face. She had become cold and heartless like her, her stomach twirled in discontentment and disgust. She began whimpering. “I could have prevented Dina’s death, I could have stopped Sade’s disappearance, I could have prevented the Lomos’ from being arrested. I had the chance to save lives but did nothing. Dad is right” Sophia cried. She refused to be consoled.

“Laura!” Clem yelled marching towards the south wing. “Laura…” he screamed louder, his anger could be heard from his voice. He got stares from people as he walked on, he ignored them. “La-“ Yelwa ran up to him. “You are disturbing our guests” She said gritting her teeth. “Laura!” he screamed walking on. She caught up with him again. “Why are you still here?” he rudely asked. “I want out of our marriage, I want you out of my life and resort. What part don’t you get?”
“We can fix this” His wife said softly. He had a thorough glare at her before speaking. “Get out of my life. I don’t want you here” he proceeded to finding Laura. He heard a worker say she was in the kitchen. “Laura…” he barged into the kitchen. All the cooks turned in his direction. Laura stepped forward. “I gave you a simple task, just one task and you couldn’t do it.” She was confused. What is he talking about?

“We should talk outside” she said holding his arm leading him outside. “One week and it fell apart” she still couldn’t understand him. He paced the corridor, he grunted in frustration occasionally. “What are you going on about?” the cooks popped their heads out the door, trying to get a scoop of the situation.
“Sade mysteriously disappeared, Yelwa is all smile despite the fact that I filled for a divorce-“ Laura gasped. “Disappeared?! Divorce?!” She was shocked. He continued ignoring her shock. “The Lomos’ are arrested, Dina and her husband are dead” He resumed his pacing. She didn’t realize so much has happened. “I had someone check up on Sade and Dina….last I saw her, she was alive”

Clem didn’t listen to her, he was lost in thoughts. How does he tackle the situation? Yelwa is certainly behind everything, does he evict her first or tackle other issues. Laura’s words jolted him to the present. “How did you uncover all these?” she asked curiously. “I left someone else in charge too, to keep a close eye on everything before it spiraled out of control.”
“I am so sorry” She apologised. He looked her squarely in the eye. “Find out what really happened from Yelwa’s new project Sophia, she might know something. I will handle my soon to be ex-wife” she nodded. “Show is over, get back to work” he ordered the cooks taking note of their presence for the first time. “Why divorce her?” Laura asked abruptly.

Clem stopped in his tracks and turned to face her. He laughed sadly. “Give me a reason to stay” she was mute. She looked everywhere but at him. He nodded and left. Laura sighed deeply. Things fell apart right under her nose and she didn’t notice anything, not even Yelwa awkward smile.

Sade tried opening her eyes but her eyelids were so heavy. She opened them again slightly and shut them. She listened for sounds to enable her to get a grasp of her surroundings. She tried moving but couldn’t, she felt like a loaded truck was sitting on her body. Her eyes swung open instantaneously as her brain processed the sound being emitted close to her ear. A sexual groaning. She swallowed hard. She saw a hefty man right on top of her. She closed her eyes and shut out the sound. Her father had told her if something terrible was happening, she should close her eyes and focus on happy thoughts. She did just that.

She focused on happy thoughts, tear drop escaped from her closed eyes. She didn’t know how long she was raped but she knew the atrocious act was over when she heard him stood up from the creaking bed. She opened her eyes and tried moving again then she realized she was chained to the bed. She became exhausted after three more men climbed her, hunger also set in. The stench in the room caused a nausea urge, she suppressed it.

One of the men was gracious enough to remove the chains. “Have a bath, you stink” He ordered. She willed her body into a sitting position with difficulty, she was sore all over, and the chains had left its prints on her wrists and ankles. She rubbed her marked wrists to enable blood flow again in the region. She was startled by the thud sound in front of her, he had returned with a bucket of water while the remaining sat in an adjourning room. Sade prayed the nightmare ended soon. She somehow found the strength to stand up, wavering, she picked up the bucket.

“Well, what did she say?” Clem leaning forward on the couch. Laura gave him details of her visit to Sophia. He clasped his head making guttural sounds. He didn’t know where else to search for Sade, he had his people comb Fagri and the resort, no trace of her. He couldn’t get her off the hook for Dina’s murder but he could get her mother and brother out. The police believe Sade murdered Dina because her fingerprints were found at the murder scene and the murder weapon was found in her house.

The silence was disrupted when Laura spoke. “Will Yelwa leave?” he glanced in her direction with a frown. “Will she leave without a fight?” she corrected. “I don’t care, I just want her out of my life.” A knock drew their attention. Laura went to the door; it was a couple and their son searching for Sade. She wasn’t forthcoming, Clem went to the door.

“He really wants to see her” He heard the man at the door speak. He gave her a questioning look. ”They insist on seeing Sade” she whispered to him. He shot her a lost gaze. “Sade helped him smile again after his sister’s death when they visited a while ago.” She explained. “I will not leave till I see her” the boy spoke adamantly. “Of course, you can stay till she returns from the hospital. She is sick and will recover soon” Laura lied. Clem watched on without saying a word.
“I hate lying,” she said after they left. “You did a good job convincing them” Clem mocked. “A new problem just arrived, it keeps getting worse. I doubt we will be problem free” she nudged him gesturing towards the driveway of the south wing.


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