Every day like freshly brewed coffee,
Mahogany is rich, please not that smile,

If I could measure the age of feelings
Like God, I might have known you eons ago

Perfection is a saintly attribute of gods,
Mild, gentle, soft, flawless like sea waves,

Now that distance separates us,
You sit amongst your own,
White blazing wings on your shoulders,
put your hand under your jaw, a tot of me, that smile again.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia” by Dotun Nuga (@Shungodotun)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Hmmm. Sweet…sweet.
    Nostalgia indeed.
    Nice one

    1. Dotun Nuga (@Shungodotun)

      Thank you, trying to be as good.

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