MISTAKEN – Prologue

MISTAKEN – Prologue

Slowly breaking into consciousness, he was disappointed he wasn’t dead. Catching the stench of his own filth and stale flat blood, he felt the rotting smell settle just at the back of his throat and the tip of his taste buds. He coughed and spat at the same time feeling his chest and head rip open in excruciating pain; his cough continued getting dryer with each cough. He reached for his chest and mouth but felt the cold steal chains cuffed to his wrists pull back against the wall behind him; by now he could feel all the pain slowly reaching for him, returning back to his body. It felt heavy, motionless and every muscle in his body began to cry out in anguish. The pain had remembered him and he remembered it. There was no delusion of where he was anymore, he wished he was dead, he wished he was in some sort of heaven but once again he had awoken in hell. He heard voices, distant voices but his eyes saw nothing, crippled with fear. His torturers have come back for him.
Bright blinding lights burst into the dark room from the corners, it photons tearing into his retina; he squinted. He heard voices again, this time much closer as he tried to make something of the two men standing in front of him. Their language was in some sort of Arabic. He couldn’t understand them.
“I…don’t….” he muttered; but their angry voices overcame his. He didn’t know these men, didn’t know why they had kept him, tortured him for days or months maybe years he had seemed to lose track of it all. They kept asking him about something, someone, sometimes in English sometimes in Arabic; he wondered why his body had endured this far.
“Speak now!” One of them thundered irritatedly.
“I..swea..r…” he muttered again almost inaudibly. They faced themselves and spoke in their foreign language for a while, they had reached a conclusion it seemed. Looking up from their boots, he heard the words Allah but the rest he could not make out, he saw a dagger raised high above him, he tried to utter something, anything, a word to save his life; it was too late. He felt the sharp painless pain and was plunged into a life time of nothingness.

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  1. namdi (@namdi)

    * Is it: cold steal chains or cold steel chains?

    Nice start.

    1. Daviestobialex (@Daviestobialex)

      its steel, LOL.. A typo I guess..

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