Magigo Saga: The chief priest Volume 3

Chief priest
The compound was big with almond,  mango and orange trees.  There was a cleared out center space with big drums,  basins and pots all filled with water.  Chickens and goats are all around the compound.  Two of the chief priest’s helpers and assistants were also there sitting and occasionally walking around awaiting calls and instructions from ‘Ogidigbo’ the chief priest.

Ogidigbo was a highly feared and respected individual in Osis.  He held sway in every aspect of the society because of his pedigree as a spiritualist who was both powerful and filled with a wealth of wisdom.  He communicated with the spiritual world and the king knew well that he needed to be always on Ogidigbo’s side. He was never one to hold back his thoughts.  He came out of the hut with his head looking up to the sky.  Immediately he came out,  the assistants stood up,  acting on reflex.  He walked to the middle of the compound,  still with his eyes affixed to the already darkening skies.  It felt like there was an imminent rain.  He murmured some words to himself.  “Could it be?” He asked.  There was a long silence.  Even the chicken and the goats stood still,  gazing at him.  It was as though they too felt what was going on. They had never seen Ogidigbo in this mood.  It was scary.  The assistants dared not interrupt his concentration and risked being placed under  painful spells.  “Could it be wrong?” he asked again.  Shortly afterwards he went in.

Ogidigbo had to immediately head for Obosi,  the king’s palace.  He was deeply troubled. What he saw in his vision was unlike anything he had seen in the past.  The fathers of the spiritual world told him to find the messenger.  The chosen one who would go to the edge of the earth to save Osis and the earth.  From what he had heard from his own father who was also a great priest,  the edge of the earth is a place no one wants to go.  Anyone who goes there never comes back.  That was precisely his biggest fear that the messenger would not have the chance to save Osis even if he found him.  When he got to the palace,  king Kalarka was consulting with two of his most trusted chiefs,  Emilio and Osazin.  From Ogidigbo’s looks which he had not seen before,  King Kalarka said in a low tone to his chiefs,  “Here comes the confirmation I have been waiting for”. The chiefs looked up in unison with startled looks.  “Chief priest,  what troubles you?  I am troubled even before you speak” chief Emilio said.  “I am a man of little fears,  but I am truly infected by the sort you bring with you now to the palace ” said Osazin.  He told them the message he had been given and the urgency to find the messenger and start preparing him or her for this hellacious journey.  After they have heard all that the priest had to tell them,  the king ordered that the message be put out to all Osisians that had gotten a special call from spirits of the land to come fort to the palace and that their coming would determine the survival of their dear land.

Magigo had set out again for the farm very early.  He needed to go as early as he could to check the trap he had  set up about three days ago.  The house badly needed meat.  His household was gradually becoming one that ate empty.  Which means they ate food without meat.  That was one of the signs of abject poverty in Osis.  He was on his way when the wind swept him off his feet.  He was conscious but at the same time,  he wasn’t . He was conscious of his environment,  but he did not feel any pains from the fall.  He knew he was about to, again, meet them.  Light splashed by his eyes,  enveloped by a sudden and deep darkness.  This was unlike any of his other trances.  The voices started slowly and at very low tones.  It sounded at times like just the voice of an individual,  but it immediately transformed to many voices.  “What is happening to me? “, he asked.  He still had the consciousness of mind to ask this.  If it was like the other experiences,  it should be stopping any moment from now, he thought.  The situation should be reverting to normal,  but it didn’t.

The face of a man with a long black hair, glowing eyes and a long red cloak appeared.  Then shortly after, two others appeared by his side.  They looked very much alike.  No,  they were the same. This was stunning and frightening.  They just appeared suspended above the ground,  starring deeply at him.  He did not know what to do at this point.  He would have retreated but he was spiritually locked down because he knew he had no control of his appendages while lying down helplessly on the ground.   The man in the middle opened his mouth to speak and a gust of whirlwind followed and he glowed brighter.  “My son,  you are ready.  You must be on the way without delay. ” The others nodded in unison and in agreement.  “You must save your earth.  Your people have done so much damage to mother earth that her future is presently in your hands my son.  Only you can, because you are the only one”. After a short pause,  he continued.  “You must accept this task or else,  you would be putting yourself and your people in grave danger”. Magigo nodded “yes”, in fright.  “I will go where you send me”. With this,  he found himself immediately floating in the air and moving very fast in the direction of the rising sun and towards the sea.  The three persons had since disappeared.

Magigo continued to float away above the sea which was endless and spread far to the east and west as far as his eyes would let him see. The sky was strange too. There was a flock of black crows all above him cutting off direct sun from the sky. The wind continued to take him fast and swiftly until he saw what looked like a portal to some other dimension. It was a type of door. The door was just big enough for him to pass through. All of a sudden, he saw two very slim men. The men were faceless, but yet they seemed to know where they were going because they were trying to pass through this portal. Strangely, they couldn’t. It was inexplicable because they were much smaller than Magigo but it was a struggle. They were engaged in this serious tussle as to who would get through it first.

A voice came to him saying ” That’s your door. Your only door. Take it while it’s still open”. This baffled him because as soon as he heard that, he did not doubt, and got reinvigorated with a more powerful innate energy while the door was beginning to close and the two persons still pressing fiercely to get in. As he got closer and closer, he felt a hand pull and stretch him as he zipped in between those two. Immediately after he was on the other side, what he heard was very surprising. He heard the two people speaking clearly in the language he recognized. A language from the neighbouring village of Gatoka. “It should have been me.” Said one sorrowfully. “I have been waiting here for this opportunity for years”. He continued. The other spoke in another tongue which he perfectly understood. How he understood it was a mystery at this point. ” It could not be you. That opportunity was meant for me. I have have been waiting here longer than you”.  He replied to the first man. “Then, who is he?”.  A voice sounded the name ” Magigo. The chosen one”. It was as if there was an earthquake and they fell face down and a dark dust enveloped them and they eventually disappeared.

The other side of the door was all rocky and thorny. There were strange animals and insect sounds, but he couldn’t see any, physically.  He was alone once more and his legs where now on solid ground. He looked to his left and right where the walls where high because he was in a gorge of sorts. He just had to continue to move forward. Even if he wanted to go back, he couldn’t because the entrance from where he came in was already shot. The creaking of the insects and the cries of the unrecognizable animals continued, but his instincts told him that what he was looking for was in front. He continued walking. It seemed as if he had been walking for eternity until he was suddenly distracted by a voice.

“Are you looking for something?”, the voice asked. At first, he did not see anyone, but the question was repeated. This time he looked down to see a small black monkey holding an oversized staff. ” Are you looking for this?” He asked again. Magigo was baffled by the question and who was asking. “I don’t know what I should be looking for” he responded, stammering badly. He had never stammered like this in his life.  “You need this staff for your journey. When you get to the ‘place’, you would know what to do”. The little monkey handed the staff to him. ” How do I use it?” he questioned nervously. He repeated the same question after a while only to hear the monkey’s aninimal-like cries this time. The animal had suddenly ceased to speak.

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