Love Portion

The scene began playing again, and the words were reverberating in his mind as they sat at the dinning room for dinner. “Hold me, touch me, make love to me, Kaycee, quench this undying desire in my heart” in a voice consumed in lechery, Ujunwa had spoken, massaging her naked breasts with her hands, biting her full pink lips, her thighs rubbing against each other as she erotically wriggled her waist. Kaycee’s eyes had popped up in bewilderment, his feet, for seconds, had been glued to the floor, and he couldn’t move a muscle. But then he had come to his senses when she had come so close and her palm attempted to cup his cheek, and had bolted out of the room; his room.

“Kaycee, is there a problem?” The Devil’s voice had called him back into he present. A pretentious look on her face.

“N..No madam. I..I am fine” Kaycee, twenty-two, stammered.

“Then get on with your food”

“Yes madam” he nodded.

“So honey, what was it you were saying?” Ujunwa smiled as she urged her husband, making Kaycee wonder how she could be so accurate in her pretense.

“Yes. I was saying it’s high time we started…”

“Arrh!” Kaycee yelped, clutching his tummmy.

“Are you alright? Is something…”

“Urgh..” Kaycee groaned, his mouth spilling blood, and his eyes widening as he struggled with his life.

“Kaycee! Kaycee!!” Richmond jerked him, confusion written all over his face as he looked at his youngest brother who steadied his gaze at already quivering Ujunwa, while his life slowly walked away from him until he was dead.


Richmond rushed into the kitchen, alarmed by the loud crashing sound that had come from there. And there it was, a porcelain vase, shattered into pieces, he watched, confused. Ujunwa grabbed another and smashed it on the wall, freaking him out.

“What are you doing?! What is wrong with you?!” He screamed, clearly frustrated by her strange behaviours ever since Kaycee’s death. He had seen her clutching the pillow and burying her face in it, shivering like a drenched hen in the cold. He had helplessly watched her running from one room to another until she had hit her head on the wall, and had passed out. “Leave me alone!!”, she had once screamed out of her sleep. He had tried to ask but she wouldn’t say anything.

“It’s the love portion…” She said in between sobs as she buried her head in his chest in her embrace.

“How was I supposed to know Baba was a fake? They said he was very reliable!” She exclaimed.

“He gave me the wrong portion, and now I know no peace”

“I don’t understand. What portion?”

“The…the love portion I..I gave him…I mean Kaycee” she stammered as she let out the truth.

“ killed him..” She sniffed as the flowing tears increased their speed down her cheeks. Richmond’s body stiffened with shock and disbelief.

“..and now he wouldn’t let me be”

And then he came again, his eyes as red as fire from the thickest smoke, blood running from his mouth and covering his chin, his hands firmly clutching his razor-sharp dagger, his legs walking him to her spot. Ujunwa let out deafening shriek which was immediately followed by a speedy take-off. But it was like the feet of Richmond had suddenly become too heavy to lift, he remained where he was, perplexed and petrified. But then he rushed out of the kitchen when there was a great fall. And when he got to the staircase, there lay Ujunwa, lifeless with blood profusely oozing out of her broken head. She had tumbled her way down the staircase under the haunt of a ghost, and had hit her head on the tiled floor, breaking it open. She had been tormented to her death. Richmond stared sadly at his wife, balls of tears slowly strolling out of his eyes, and then down his cheeks.

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