Little black bird

There was once a beautiful little black bird that always said ‘ I am free, I am free ‘. Because it thought itself to be a free bird, it went and nested on a dry branch of a tree, and there even layed an egg. Beneath that tree a quiet snake lived.

Every morning the bird cried, ‘ I am free, I am free ‘. One morning, in the height of the sun, the snake heard the bird saying ‘ I am free, I am free’ and got annoyed by the noise it made. Slowly up it went, to the branch of the tree where the little beautiful bird had nested, and slowly it chased away the bird and slowly it swallowed the bird’s egg.

The beautiful bird jumped, and flapped and cried and sang, ‘ I am free, I am free ‘,
But couldn’t do anything, and the dry branch broke and it fell to the ground and it broke its wing and it broke a leg.

A little boy came along, and heard the bird crying, ‘ I am free, I am free ‘. He searched for the bird beneath the tree and found it, because it had broke a leg and some wings, the boy took love upon it. He picked the beautiful bird up, he took it home and mended the wings and leg.

In not so a long time, the bird began to recover, and fast. Yet daily it got more annoying because it always cried ‘ I am free, I am free’. Day and night it did this. The boy couldn’t sleep and couldn’t rest, because the bird said, ‘ I am free, I am free, but you are not, you are not ‘. This same thing it did to others as the came.

One faithful day, as the bird cried its freedom bluffs, the boy became fed up, he regretted having saved the bird, he took it, and putting it into a black bag; he fed it to a black cat. And there was gone its freedom bluffs, and there was peace and silence ever after.

One thought on “Little black bird” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice tale. Though it’s a surprise that a bird would fall from a branch and break its leg–it got wings to fly, right?

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