Just a Little Touch of Love

“The echoes of a dad’s loving touch lingers a lifetime!”

Hugs! Pecks! kisses! And a tender gentle touch! Speechless expression of love and affection.

It was exactly 5:35am. There I was seated in the toilet answering nature’s call. In my company was the prerecorded voice of Mr. Muyiwa Afolabi emanating from my wife’s Techno Tablet.

I was so engrossed in my morning habitual ritual that I didn’t notice when Ryan, my four-year old son, stumbled sleepy-eyed into the bathroom; wanting to take a leak. I startled slightly but promptly got a hold of myself doling out the rejected remnants of yesterday’s meals from my system.

With the shit hole seriously occupied Ryan opted for the bathtub. I reached out to lend him a hand in his ascent. Suddenly a thought struck me. And without lingering I succumbed in a heartbeat; pulling him instantaneously. I wrapped my arms around him and planted a good morning peck on his timid cheek. Of course, as I expected Ryan shrugged and wriggled out of my grasp.

Unlike Theodore, his younger brother, Ryan isn’t much of the hugging-type. Unemotional, stoical and mildly introverted he hardly hugs and pecks but loves to cuddle, more so during sleep.

However, he seemed smitten with joy as a thrilling big happy smile splashed across his sleepy face as he finished his business and carried his sleepy frame out of the bathtub.

“Daddy, good morning!” he called out scampering back and disappearing into the bedroom in obvious delight.

My heart glowed joyously. “Good morning Ryan,” I blushed and called out in response.

A little touch of love sure does go a long way!

“Sometimes I touch the things you used to touch, looking for the echoes of your fingers.”

– Iain Thomas.

3 thoughts on “Just a Little Touch of Love” by Timothy Williams (@efiokbrythe)

  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Really nice!
    But the toilet, really?
    Dad, please keep your toilet hands to yourself, when you are done and washed up (and out of the toilet), you can hug and even kiss me. Lol

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice. Though the setting and its details made me cringe a bit.

  3. Thanks Vanessa and Namdi. Thanks dropping your comments.

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