I Hate You 1

………….John’s Side Of The Story………..
I woke up from bed one Saturday morning checked my
wristwatch that was still stocked to my wrist, due to last
night party I came home drunk and taking off my watch was
the last thing on my mind. It was 7am and it was still raining
eminently serious, I usually go out for jogging every Saturday
morning but could not go this time because of the rain.
There was no power (Nepa light) many because of the rain, I
said a little prayer got up from bed did my usual morning
chores and after that I went to the bathroom put on the
water wormer and it was ready for bathing, i took my bath
got something to eat. Not wanting to stay at home due to
the loneliness i was feeling i decided to go c mark my best
friend. initially i wanted to call my girlfriend Princess, we all
know that the best time to be with your partner is when it is
raining because of the col. But i considered the magnitude of
the rain which was eminently high and I won’t want her
getting soaked in the rain just because of me so I quickly
removed the taught from my mind.
So I decided to go see Mark and spend some quality time
with him,play PES, Mortal Combat, God of War. Any time am
with Mark at his place we always play video games that’s
the best fun we can Eva have together as boys. So i got
dressed took the key to my Range rover’s sport with my
umbrella in hand walked to were the car was parked and
zoom off. The rain was heavy, the road was covered with
flood i could not even see a thing so i increased the speed of
my wiper slow and steady i drove my car. Finally i arrived at
his residence, the gate was locked so i had to go down put
on my umbrella, go open the gate then came back drove the
car inside the big compound. I made sure the gate was
properly locked before i headed to his room. I knocked on the
door but there was no responds i knocked again still no
responds, I taught to my self many because of the rain that’s
why he could not here me. I was about to put a call across
to him, den I realised the door was not locked so I push it
open and went in. I called his nomenclature but no responds,
I went to the kitchen but could not find him.
to be continued…..

5 thoughts on “I Hate You 1” by Asu Born To Winn (@HolyBoy)

  1. Patito7 (@Patito7)

    This story needs serious editing before publishing. If d writer wants to be taken seriously, he needs to work on his craft. That’s my sincere advice to the writer. Good luck!

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    Almost every sentence has an error. Edit more.

  3. Somorin Simbiat (@Sima)

    This is a nice story but some errors needs to be checked… Hope the writer can take that into consideration.. Thanks

    1. Asu Born To Winn (@HolyBoy)

      ok Thanks guyz

  4. Asu Born To Winn (@HolyBoy)

    Thank you all ill improve

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