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Tina hadn’t thought that she would spend the following five days at Mr. Rollins’ beautiful duplex. Tokunbo Rollins was a rich business mogul; tall, dark and very handsome but quite unmarried after a devastating experience in his first attempt at marriage. He had only been married for two years when his wife died in a plane crash on her way to Dubai. As much as he had loved her, he was sure the marriage would not have worked if it had continued because his wife loved travelling a lot, and what he loved was someone who would stay with him.

Tina loved Tokunbo’s daughter, she was what Tina would have described, if given the chance to determine what her own daughter should be like. During the time of her stay, the trio appeared like one happy and perfect family. But that was not going to happen, as far as Tina was concerned; she wasn’t going to let the attractive distraction deprive her completely of her five years marriage.

“Why not get divorced and marry another man?” Tokunbo suggested when she told him of her marital ordeal. His face gave an impression that he wasn’t suggesting himself as the man that she should marry, but the both of them could definitely make the connection in their heads. At least, when the biblical Joseph brought the solution to King Pharaoh’s dream, he was the one picked to occupy the vacancy he had revealed.

“Is it that easy?” She asked herself and her listener. “I’ve been in love with him since Two hundred level, he has been a perfect husband since we got married …”

“Perfect husbands are boring husbands,” Tokunbo observed, “And besides, Mr. Perfect didn’t remain perfect when he started seeing a ‘Miss. Additional’ for ten good months!”

The silence that followed his comment revealed that he was right. But her conclusion wasn’t going to be to marry him. Maybe she’d just look for a man that is entirely not connected to the story at all.

“I like you.” He said in a brief discussion that had started when she was preparing to leave on Sunday. He said it very mildly, but it entered a part of her brain that she severely hated. She wanted him to say more, but he pretended not to know that.

“What do you really think?” She asked Tokunbo on their way to Oye’s house. Tokunbo was driving.

Oye had refused to call her in the days that she had absented herself away from his house; the conclusion Tina could depict from that was that Oye wanted to give her a free time alone, to think the whole matter through But if the marriage with Oye was still of any meaning to him, he should have at least called. She thought.

“What I think?” Tokunbo said with a wide grin, bringing her from her thoughts.


“Well, leave this Oye guy, and marry me.” He simply said, as if they had both talked about something like that before.


“Of course, we’d be a perfect couple together. Can’t you see?”

“A perfect couple, without love?” she responded quietly.

“Without love?” He scoffed.

“Of course!” She said; “If I get married to you now, we don’t have any love story to tell. We just came together by mathematical calculations of what perfect marriage should be. I guess we would be happy, but, you know… I feel this is not love, this is science, mathematics! I have a marriage that can’t work, you come in the crack, you fit into it perfectly because we are very compatible! Pure calculation.” She wished she had not exposed so many thoughts.

“You are right!” He admitted, and let a short silence follow, “But ask yourself, where did the love between you and Oye land you?” Tina felt a sharp guilt. “Can’t you see that life is no more the island of imaginary love story anymore? There is no Cinderella falling in love with a Prince Charming anymore. That is soo Walt Disney! Mature people have developed a new system of love – another technique, far different from the common blind illusions we use to believe in; The guy swept me off my feet therefore he is the right man for me, both of you then get married and find yourself swallowed by fierce marital storms! The love story that brings two incompatible genotypes together and then they give birth to a sickler and become frustrated all their life! We have to open our eyes and receive an entirely different love expression.

In the past few days, we have found out the level of our compatibility, love – I mean the illusion fantasy aspect, would gradually come when we get married, if it is not already here anyway. But please, don’t turn me off because you wanted a different LOVE STORY. I will be with you forever if you give me the chance.”

Tokunbo, when he kept quiet, realized that he had spoken too much, but he also knew that what he had said was true. He hoped that Tina; who his heart now yearned for, saw it as true too.

Tina didn’t disclose what she felt about what he had said, even if she wanted to, there was no time. They made a final turn towards Oye’s gate and the gate man opened immediately, on sighting his madam.


Tokunbo stayed in her car downstairs, not really sure what was going to happen. Tina entered the living room and saw Oye sitting on his favorite cushion, legs crossed as he watched TV, he wasn’t very surprised at seeing Tina.

“Hello Tina,” He simply said, resuming his sight at the television.

“Oye. I’ve…”

“Don’t start Tina. I see that you have concluded on keeping the child that belongs to another man. And glory be to God, the neglected stone has now become the most important stone for me. God has now made Juliet pregnant for me. I am having my own baby!” He didn’t say it to mock her. From his look, what he was simply saying was like; ‘Tina, you’ve made your decision, I’ve made mine too. I just got luckier’

Tina actually knew who was luckier. She had not turned her back when Juliet suddenly emerged from the kitchen, her belly had not fully revealed her pregnancy but with close observation, one might suspect.

“Good afternoon, Tina” Juliet greeted, and then made her way to lie down beside Oye. She rested her head on his knees.

“We should get divorce papers as soon as possible.” Tina simply said without responding the other lady.

“With pleasure!” Oye answered.

Tina turned around to go. She thought about the whole event in her life and realized just what Tokunbo had explained. Matured people have grown with life, they no longer live, tying themselves to some fantasies of events that happened to them some time ago, they rather decide the direction of their marriages by clearly observing what was ahead and then setting pillars to hold the building of their marriages – a sort of scientific planning that is far different from the common love stories.

Tina ran down the stairs with a triumphant smile, ready to start her new and entirely different LOVE STORY with Mr. Tokunbo Rollins, who was anxiously expecting her.




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