Why I Want To Be Bad 16






It all happened so fast. One minute I was about to screw my first ever blonde girl and the next minute I was in a car being chased in hot pursuit by a police truck.


Henry had barely allowed us to get comfortable in the car before he took off and for a split second, I really thought that maybe the police won’t bother chasing us because in reality I couldn’t think of any reason why they should in the first place! But I was wrong… dead wrong.


We had just taken our first turn when I first heard the a car roar to life, then some seconds later our car was illuminated by the powerful light that emaciated from the head lamp of the car behind us and just when I decided to pray that it was just some random car, the siren came alive. The police were chasing us.


Nothing makes you lose your ability to talk like fear. I wanted to scream at Henry and order him to stop but even though my lips moved, no sound was made. I was scared to the bone.


Henry on the other hand looked very calm and collected. I had always insisted I drove anytime we were faced with such dilemma as who was to drive a car because the one time he drove us to a friend’s wedding I nearly had a heart attack as he felt the need to make sure he drove at the fastest possible speed the car could gather and in the process nearly running into a fully loaded Conoil tanker. Maybe it’s just his nature to drive so fast or maybe he doesn’t even know he drives at daredevil speed but whatever the case may be I was glad that at least one of us seemed to know exactly what he was doing.


Tonia who sat on her toes behind us was clearly terrified to death. I knew she had a lot to say and a million questions to ask but just like me she probably couldn’t form the words. She had her palms clenched together like she was saying a prayer and she tucked it in between her legs as she looked forward at where Henry was driving, flinching every time he drove past a car and nearly hitting it, and then back at the police truck at short intervals probably praying the should just stop chasing us.


This chase went on for minutes which of course felt like hours until something strange happened, something we only see in the movies. Henry was approaching a Y-junction and instead of him to swerve to one side, he accelerated right towards the middle and then in a split second just before he hit the wall he stepped on the breaks, swerved to the left and smashed the gas pedal with so much force the car literally jumped, I heard a loud bash sound behind us as we drove at 280 km/h and I knew the police had fallen for Henry’s little trick.


After driving for another additional ten minutes and seeing no signs of the police truck behind us, I finally relaxed a bit and then said a silent prayer for the police, I asked God to make sure none of the sustain any severe injury or at worse, die.


“I think we’ve lost them,” Henry finally broke the silence. In real time, neither of us had said a word in over thirty minutes.


“Yea, I figured that,” I replied coldly.


“You’ve got to admit, that was fun… right?” he asked as he turned to look at Tonia. She glared at him in silence but he seemed to have gotten the message as he kept quiet once more and focused on his driving, he had dropped his speed to about 200 km/h now.


“Where are we going to?” I asked, breaking the silence this time.


“Home na,” he replied.


“Are you aware that we just committed a grave crime, if the police decides to take up this case our house would be the first place they would check and you of all people should know our house isn’t that difficult to find,” I complained.


“Fair enough, so what do you have in mind?”


“I don’t know,” I replied at first but then I recalled Tonia was still right behind us and had an idea, “what of your place?” I asked her.


“My place? Hell no!” she yelled, a little too loudly and unnecessarily if you ask me.


“Why not? I’m sure the police didn’t see you and even if they did there’s no way they can find out where you stay since I’m sure no one at the party has access to such information,” Henry replied.


“We are not going to my place you nitwits because you left Jessy at the party,” she snapped and I immediately understood her point. If the police decided to dig extensively in to the case, getting a home address out of Jessica would be the easiest part of their task.


“Did you just call us nitwits?” Henry asked as he laughed, “So you can actually insult o, first you smoke and now this? You sure are filled with surprises.”


“You are laughing instead of you to think of a…” I was about to say but paused as my brain just understood what Henry had just said. “Wait a minute, Tonia smoked?”


“Dey there na make pant dey wear you,” Henry replied conning the Nigerian version of the more popular sleeping on the bicycle idiom. I was dumbfounded and it took an extra effort of will power for me to snap back to reality.


“About where we are to go to, I know just the place,” Henry said.


“Where?” Tonia asked. She seemed more calm that expected, it’s not everyday someone gets chased by the police and isn’t caught.


“Home,” he said and paused for effect but continued before we could actually react verbally, “don’t worry yourself, we’ll go to that your smallie room. The one that just moved into the vacant room downstairs. What’s that her name again?”


“Funmi,” I replied with a sigh. I had known Funmi barely a week and she had encountered cultist, seen someone get hit by a car right in front of her eyes and now I was going to appear at the front of her door so early in the morning hoping to stay there for a while in order to avoid the police. So exciting right?







Waking up on a morning when you are hung over and receiving a text message from your course rep stating there is an impromptu test that morning is clearly how God punishes us for doing wrong sometimes.


If I am being sincere with myself, my night had gone exactly as planned. Deep down within me I had known that inviting Ink to my house at such ungodly hour to bring alcohol was going to end with me not recalling where I had thrown my panties but I had silently convinced myself that I could avoid it and only get to drink the free alcohol, sadly I was wrong as I had the best sex of my life and probably would have loved to go for another round if only I didn’t have a test early that morning.


I stood from the bed and went to the balcony to call Emma, my cab guy before waking Ink up. I was not quite sure if I should wake him up and ask him to leave nicely or do it the bad bitch way, I decided to go with nicely since I figured it wasn’t entirely his fault and I might need him again some other time. I watched as he packed up his personal effects and then he pecked me with a promise to call me later before he left. Of course he will, I sighed.


Soon as he was gone, a glance at the wall clock told me I didn’t have much time and with that mentality I ran to the bathroom and showered in flash. Picking what to wear was very easy luckily because it happened to be one of those mornings where you get a vision in the shower of the perfect outfit. By the time I was done, Emma was already waiting for me at the front yard. I hopped in and we zoomed off.


On getting to school it seemed like a good morning as the lecturer giving the test had not even arrived so I had time to make plans on who to sit with and make sure I passed the test as I even had enough time to make an expo; microchips as my fellow Nigerians call it.


By the time the lecturer finally got to the class I was well armoured and ready for whatever questions he planned on throwing at us. The good thing was that he was the only one invigilating so that meant more allowance to do whatever I had in mind as fewer eyes were watching. It sure felt like the perfect morning unlike the other day when I had had the Agbaya incident. I made a mental note to find a lasting solution to the problem but for now I had a Goliath I had to kill.


“Question one,” the lecturer started to say. “What is the hypnagogic state?” He had chosen to go easy on us and I couldn’t be anymore grateful.


He gave us a few minutes to write down the question and just when he was about to ask the second question he was distracted by a car which drove into the parking lot just outside the lecture hall and with a smile he turned to address the class, “aha! My co-invigilator is here.”


People stretched to see who had just drove in but I wasn’t going to be distracted by anything, rather I took advantage of the distraction in the hall to bring out my microchip and dig for where I had written the answer to the number one question.


“I’m sorry I am late, I got stuck in traffic on my way here,” I heard a voice say as he addressed our lecturer. It was the voice of someone I had dreaded to hear.


I rose my head until my eyes levelled with the speaker’s face and my fear was confirmed, it was Agbaya. My not so perfect morning just got worse.





Immediately I heard the bang on the door I grabbed the nearest thing I could grab with the intent of using it to defend myself if the person banging at my door at such time was planning to hurt me. I was not going down without a fight I thought as I clenched the thing tighter.


“What are you planning on doing with that comb?” Ayo asked looking sincerely perplexed.


It took her question for me to actually realise that I had grabbed a comb with the intention of using it to protect myself. Whether my subconscious had reasoned I was going to comb my attacker’s hair to death was the question I was trying to answer when a second bang on my door made me spring up from the chair I sat on and walk towards the door.


I peeped through the window to see if I could see the person at the door but that turned out to be fruitless.


“Who is that?” Ayo asked out loud, clearly referring to the person at the other side of the door.


“Open up! It’s me,” The person replied.


“Me who?” I asked.


“Maxwell!” was the reply and with that I quickly opened the door only for three people to walk pass me like they owned the place.


While Maxwell and one other chick which I was sure I had not seen before both sat down side by side on my bed, Henry went to the balcony, he looked around for a few seconds then came back into the room and then went ahead to close all my curtains before choosing to stand right beside the balcony door. I had a feeling he was just preparing himself for a situation where he might have to jump through the window.


“Can somebody tell me what the hell is happening here?” I thundered in confusion. I hadn’t even heard what Ayo had to say and here was Maxwell and his friends in my room and the sun hadn’t even risen yet.


“Can you please sit down first,” Maxwell requested politely.


“Sit down? Henry is scouting round my house like he’s expecting something bad to happen and you all look like shit but the problem you have chosen to address is me standing?” I reacted.


“You gotta admit, she sure has a good point,” Henry replied with a smile, the look Maxwell and Tonia gave him indicated he was not being very helpful.


“I’m going to explain to you what’s happening here but I really need you to sit first,” Maxwell said calmly and I wanted to spark up again but held back as I assumed sitting down would ensure I get my explanation faster.


“Are you waiting for someone to blow a trumpet before you start talking?” I sparked once more as I had sat for a few seconds and no one was talking yet.


Maxwell then went on to explain to me how they had all gone for a party which the police had raided probably because of the presence of illegal drugs that were being taken and my so called friends had taken off in their car only for them to be chased by the police and ended up losing the police car after they had tricked the driver to run straight into a dead end.


By the time Maxwell was done with his story all I could do was open my mouth in shock.


“You have fun friends, I’ll give you that much,” Ayo said grinning.





Agbaya presence in the hall was highly unwelcomed. He had a reputation for catching students who cheated during tests and examinations but that was the least of my worries at this point as I tried to adjust to a position I could only hope he would not be able to see and recognise me.


The lecturer accepted his apology and then went on to continue dictating the questions as Agbaya got accustomed to his new job. He walked round the hall twice without seeing me or so he acted until the third round. Only difference is that he walked up straight to me.


“Miss Okafor, Stand up!” he roared even though he was right there at my front.


I sighed as I sluggishly stood up.


“What were you telling her right now?” he asked me, referring to the lady beside me who I had not even said a word to… well, at least not yet.


“Nothing sir,” I replied.


“Are you trying to call me a liar?” he asked.


“No sir, I just didn’t say anything to her,” I said, trying to keep calm.


“So I’m now blind, right?” he asked, “hand over your scripts to me.”


“But sir I didn’t….”


“Miss Okafor, your script!” he yelled. On normal circumstances I would have argued it to the very end or at least begged but I knew it would have been pointless so I kept my cool and handed the scripts over to him.


“You can leave the hall,” he said out loud and then whispered, “If you want all this to go away, you know what to do.”


I left the hall without uttering any word but deep within me I knew exactly what I was to do. Since Agbaya wants to take us to the street, I’ll give him street.


This matter was going to end today.



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