The Other Woman

I cry.
I say I can’t let you go but I do everytime we go back to our lives.
Why is the world so unfair?
Why can’t they just let us be?

I want to be happy and settle down with you but I can’t.
I see you with the other woman but who am I deceiving, in the eyes of the world, I am the other woman.
The woman who can’t be seen in your arms in public.

It hurts.
Living a lie hurts.
Watching you two hurts.

I am the other woman, the woman who knows your needs and all your secrets.
I am the other woman who can’t be happy she’s in love. Whose love is almost a sin, whose love cannot be heard nor acted upon.

I’m in pain and everyday I keep hoping that we’ll be together, that our ‘I love yous’ won’t be whispered in secret, that you’ll leave her and come to me.

That day never comes and I’m becoming resentful. Our sweet love has turned bitter. It has become a thorn in my flesh…..and the highlight of my life.

So now I wait.
Though I continue to live my life, my heart belongs to you.
Since I can’t seem to do without you, I’ve accepted my role in your life.

Until fate presents us to the world, my arms will be open to receive you whenever you come to me.


Writer’s note: To every ‘Other Women’ out there- Including the men, the game you play is very addictive and the only thing I can say is that you need to try and recover. Find yourself.

Life is like a stage and every individual is the main character of the play that is their lives. You are the main actor/actress in your life and you deserve to be the main person, the only person in your partner’s life. So help yourself, get your acts together and fulfillment will find you.
Remember, happiness is a mood not a destination.
Best of luck!

11 thoughts on “The Other Woman” by Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

  1. Abaz (@ABASIENYENE)

    nice write up

  2. Good.
    I love the concluding note. Many times, the other man/woman is always sincerely in love, but for me, I spare no such sincerity! If you discover that he already has a love in his life, then what is your business with him? The crack in his relatioonship should not be an opportunity for you to get into his life.
    So if you cant help him stitch back to his/her love, Get out!!! Unless though, they have broken up openly.

  3. It’s not always black and white like that. Thanks for your comment.

    1. My dear Vanessa, @vanessa.
      Life is not always black and white but the situation here is.
      I know of many men who are over ten years into marriage only to bask in a fresh euphoria of a newly found love; in person of a side chic [– the other woman]. This is nothing but sheer greed! SHEER GREED!!! If we all let our emotions down a bit – considering everybody’s feelings, then we would sincerely fall in LOVE a thousand times to a thousand people.

      Love itself, needs a reasonable level of discipline to verify its genuineness.

      If life is not black and white for the other woman, who falls sincerely in love with a man that is not vacant, then life should not be black and white when the house wife baths her in hot oil to defend her own feelings too. Only a side chic would feel for this ‘the other woman’. If you look at the issue from the perspective of the humiliated initial love/house wife (and her children) then life has no other color than GIVE and TAKE.

      I maintain that ONLY an open breakup/divorce is a reasonable invitation.

  4. @Levuz
    Yes, I also agree that unless they are divorced, the other woman shouldn’t be the ‘Other Woman’/Side Chic.
    I could feel your righteous indignation all the way. Let’s invite every side chic and the wives to a meeting. Lock them in and leave them to ‘discuss’, what do you say?

    1. @vanessa, LOL.
      I’m in total support of whatever you say ma.
      Except that there would be WAR if such meeting is called.


  5. Love is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word in the world. That’s why we coined the phrase “True Love”. Because love usually means different thing to different people. So, i always stick by time. Time will always tell. The worst thing you can do to someone is be with them while you heart is with another. Only animals were made that way. Or so i thought.

  6. This isn’t beautiful write. Write on.

  7. This is a beautiful write. Write on.

  8. They say if you can’t be with who you love, love who you are with. God help us sort all these emotions/situations.
    Thanks Timothy and Enigmatik!

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