The First Man To Kill A God

The First Man To Kill A god

“Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!!” the sound was from Akinolu’s vigorous machete hit, trying to cut down a strong tree. Hot sweat dripped down from his head as he worked tirelessly. Despite the scorching sun he never back down until he eventually brought down the mighty tree. That was how he works, always dedicated and always focused.
“Whap! Whap!!” the long whip of a white god landed twice on the bear back of a worker who had dropped a heavy log of wood he was carrying. The tired worker looked at the god who had inflicted the pain on him with great contempt.
“Pick it up now before you get another” the god cladding a short sleeve khaki shirt and knicker, together with a cap to shield his head from the sun, barked at the worker.
Ajagbe the tired worker picked up the log he was carrying reluctantly and proceeded to where he was to deliver it. I could see his lips moving as he went, no doubt he was mumbling curses on the white master but that was all he could do, after all no one can query the gods.
Under the shade of palm fond not so far from where the workers were working, there laid another white god neatly dressed in a white long sleeve shirt along with a black trouser enjoying a bottle of their heavenly made wine. His name was Williams the head of the gods assigned to our village to oversee the building of their palace. Chief Arowosafe was seen approaching from afar with his aids carrying all sort of gifts.
“A very beautiful afternoon to the white lord” the chief greeted in our local language as he entered and it was interpreted by Sunmonu the only one endowed with the knowledge of the god’s language.
The chief ordered his aids to put down their luggage.
“Here is the finest palm wine brewed by the village’s best tapper and a soup of bush meat deliciously cooked to go with it. I also understand that the gods are fond of oranges and bananas so I brought them bountifully. Please accept the my token gift” the chief said before taking his sit and it was interpreted.
“What the f*ck is that? It stinks like hell” The white god said pointing to the jar of palm wine while covering his nose. “Tell him to get it out of my sight now” he shouted and it was taken away.
“Now tell this moron that I don’t eat dirty shit from baboons, the garbage he brought will be thrown away, except the roasted meat which I would only manage if the lady over there will come feed me with it, can’t afford to get my hands dirty” Williams said.
The interpreter relayed the message in an intelligible manner to the chief and he ordered the lady to feed the white lord.
I never knew how Akinolu’s sight caught the happenings under the shade from the far forest where he was working. His eyes were red with anger as he watched Folasade his fiancee who he had been working so hard to pay her dowrie so they could elope together, feeding a filthy white pig.
The lady continued the task carefully and it seems the white lord was enjoying it until suddenly, a drop of palm oil landed on his shirt. She went dumbfounded for a brief seconds until a terrible slap brought back her consciousness. The great lord rose up angrily, brought out his thick leather belt and began hitting her with his full strength. She retracted backward in other to avoid the hits but Williams followed her with the belt until she fell down. Williams continued the beating despite his victim’s cry for leniency but suddenly, he felt a great force shoved him away. It took him a few seconds to regain his stamina and when he did, he saw the enraged Akinolu standing beside the wounded lady.
“How dare you push me ape? Guards seize him” Williams commanded angrily.
“My lord please pardon him, he was only trying to defend the woman he loves” the chief pleaded as two junior gods seized Akinolu.
“So she is your girl friend, then let me give you the pleasure of watching her die” After saying this, he brought out a pistol from the holster around his waist and shot Folasade in the head.
Akinolu roared like a wounded lion and with unimaginable strength, he yanked away the two gods holding him before he jumped on the white lord. Williams who didn’t see him coming fell hard on the dirty ground after which they both started wrestling. However gallantly the white lord fought, the bereaved Akinolu gained upper hand. Blinded by rage he took a big stone on the ground and smashed it on Williams head.
I shuddered with revulsion as I watched the great white lord battle death till his last moment. Everyone was flabbergasted to see Akinolu a wretched farmer kill the highly esteemed god who everyone thought was an immortal. It took four of the king’s guards to restrain Akinolu and carry him to the dungeon.
Although he was beheaded at the village square the third day but his heroic deed nullified the mythical assumption that the white gods are invincible and it was what motivated our revolution a few years later.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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  1. namdi (@namdi)

    * It’s spelt d-o-w-r-y, not d-o-w-r-i-e. Dowry is not the right word even, it’s bride price.

    * Check your use of punctuation. An appropriate punctuation was missing in some sentences.

    Nice tale. I felt it would pose a challenge, but you handled it well: the first person POV, I mean.

  2. michael adie (@michaeladie)

    I love ur work….keep writing

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