The Champion

The Champion

Uche sauntered into the square smiling confidently. Spectators cheered. The defending champion danced lightly, stopped and faced Ebube his challenger. They circled and sized each other. Tension built. They locked and with one deft move Ebube sent Uche’s back to the ground. Silence fell.

6 thoughts on “The Champion” by EnigmatikPoet (@EnigmatikPoet)

  1. Okay…so??

  2. A tale with less than fifty words?

    More words–fitting descriptions, a little suspense thrown in, and the emotions of on-lookers–would have helped this tale.

    1. I might not have got it right, but it was intended to be under 50 words. Thanks for reading.

      1. This is a very short one, but I think you delivered with it.

        I like it!

        1. Thank you so much.

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