As the tears drip down
Forming wet patches on my cheeks
Memories cloud my head
Of how everything started
How like fire we got ignited
From an occasional “hi”
To small talks on social media
Conversations in person
Then the tidal waves of emotions
Perhaps we took things too fast
‘Cause we thought this was it at last
Then you got too busy
The floods of phone calls reduced to rain drops
And now none
I tried reaching out
But it seems you’ve signed out
Now my heart is in a turmoil
I feel forgotten and abandoned
And as I watch how things turned out
Perhaps it’s time to blow the lights out.

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10 thoughts on “Shards” by mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

  1. Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

    Poetry… this is very true, one of my friends call it initial gragra….

    1. Yeap, it’s starts like a fire and before you know it, only ashes are left. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. It sure takes two to keep the fire aglow! Thanks Moji. Nice one!

  3. olufemiebenz... (@owoyeye)

    What a shame
    For we keep making the same mistake o’er time
    Though we must fall to rise
    But for how long ?
    Or should one cease loving ?
    Tis I think will save one from the frequent heartache
    But can one do without love……

    1. That’s the big question.. Can we do with out love? Of course we all love the butterflies in our belly feelings even if the feelings are just fleeting

    1. Thank you for dropping by

  4. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    I like!
    All the best!

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