Francis Gerald had always wanted to be a lawyer. Theirs was a family of barristers. His immediate older brother was recently called to the bar. While their first born who already is a practicing barrister has been working in their father’s chambers as a partner for over six years now.

So when Francis sat for the University Matriculation Examination (UME) it was a given that he would be going to read Law. And so Law he read. About five or six years later he was called to the bar. The joy of his father knew no bounds. All his three sons were lawyers and his Law Firm would be in their able hands. Francis’ dad was already preparing his exit from Law practice when the unimaginable happened.

Innocent, their oldest brother had been practicing with their dad for as long as Francis could remember. But nobody knew his passion was somewhere else. Not even Francis who was the closest to him. When Francis began to work in his dad’s firm naturally it was Innocent that took him under his wings and showed him the ropes. Francis worked with so much enthusiasm and excitement that even Innocent got a bit envious at times. And in less than no time, it was obvious Francis could run the Firm all by himself with little or no input from his older brothers.

However, the icing on the cake was the day Francis appeared in court and took the lead as their defense counsel. It was a case the Law Firm had been handling for a couple of months now and the general ‘feel’ was that they were not making any head way. In fact, their client, a very wealthy business man, was already beginning to lose faith and trust in their ability to defend his company’s interest. Even the meticulous Barrister Innocent Gerald had to seek his dad’s experienced counsel every now and then when he seemed to have hit a brick wall in the case.

Moreover, on one fateful day Francis stumbled upon the file and read it. His interest swelled and he asked one of his older brothers to include him in the defense counsel. Innocent accepted with a wave of hand.

“It’s a lost case, though,” he added wearing a disappointed look.

“I beg to differ,” Francis replied.

Innocent raised his head from the pile of files on his table and stared at his younger brother. “Okay, you take the file and let’s see what you come up with.”

He thrust the case file in his brother’s waiting hand. “We appear in court on Monday. And you’ll be the lead defense counsel.”

That caught Francis off-guard, his eyes widened. “You want me to be the led counsel and represent us and speak in court?”

“Yes. Or are you not a lawyer, a barrister?”

Francis nodded with a wide smile. “I am. Thanks Bro. I won’t disappoint.” Francis dashed out of his brother’s office file in hand and a broad smile on his excited face.

Monday came. And they were seated before the Judge. Francis stood up to address the court. Forty-five minutes later he was done. And the court was in turmoil. He’d turned the case around with some new evidences that both defense and prosecuting counsels had missed. The paper trail of the transaction!

By the time the court was adjourned their client had called his lawyers and requested to speak with the young vibrant barrister. Innocent handed Francis the phone and watched as his younger brother with great humility refused to take the credit for the breakthrough in the case but rather praised the team of lawyers and staffs at the Firm.

A soft smile broke out on Barr. Innocent’s lips as he recalled his first case that showcased his capability in the profession. But something was missing. Francis reminded him of their dad while on the job. He had the passion for it. Passion! That was it. Francis is passionate, just like their dad was. He, innocent had stopped getting the kicks out of the job a long, long time ago. As a matter of fact, he could hardly recall if he ever had.

Slowly, he turned around and left his brother to finish the call. He walked into his office, the one he’d only just recently taken over from his dad. He sat down at the desk pulled out a plain barren sheet of paper and a ball-point pen and began to scribble. And as he did one word occupied his thought. Passion!
Done scribbling, he buzzed his secretary.

“Anita, please type out this letter for me right away!” he said as she entered shutting the door behind her.

Anita took the letter from her boss’ extended arm smilingly. She took one look at the content and her countenance changed.

“Sir, hmm…” she said gloomily.

“Just go and type the letter, please.” He cut her short.

Anita turned to exit. “And please send in my brothers here immediately,” Innocent said. She nodded as she shut the door behind her.

Alone in his office, Innocent pulled open a secret drawer he’d always kept under lock and key. He took out a file with about a 350-paged write-up. A manuscript!

His face lit up as he read the title. He smiled and whispered softly, “Sorry dad, I’m a writer not a lawyer! And it’s high time I pursued my dream!”

LIVE purposely & DREAM passionately.

And vice versa!

7 thoughts on “Passion” by Timothy Williams (@efiokbrythe)

  1. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Wow! Very inspirational.

    Thank you for this @efiokbrythe

    Even when it seems we have been wandering doing other things; we need to realize when to stop and go for what we were called to do. For in our wanderings were not wastes, but that we may be able to connect the dots. e.g John Grisham.

    Thanks again, n well done.

    1. @ojestar Thanks for dropping and leaving a comment. I appreciate.

  2. halfmoon (@halfmoon)

    Nice story
    But a paper trail of transaction is hardly a thing to miss by a team of attorneys

  3. halfmoon (@halfmoon)

    But you passed your point across though….. So still very good

    1. @halfmoon. I’m glad i got the message across though. Thanks for reading. Love the creative criticism. Point taken.

  4. Ose Raphaels (@DrOse)

    Awesome delivery!
    The retrostyled offstage narrative is a bit woven up but still effective.
    Good job!

    1. Thanks Dr. Ose! Point noted.

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