12th September, 2014 Lagos, Western Nigeria. Eneh sat resignedly in his 2005 model Honda Civic saloon car. The traffic on the bridge was not moving any faster and the tropical heat of the day was replaced by engine and exhaust heat emanating from the cars crawling fender to bumper across the Third Mainland into both … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (The Finalé)

When love hit me [Chapter 1]

I have two lovely big sisters who used every inch of their heart to show their love to me and how much they cherished their cute baby brother. Juliette the first born, who was also my favorite, light skinned beauty, average height, moderate breasts just the way a normal man would like then the body … Continue reading When love hit me [Chapter 1]

Marred Soul

  “Bimpe, Bimpe… Shade is dead… she is dead” … that was Elorha screaming from the door. “I heard she committed suicide; she jumped off the bridge”. I was shivering, scared, shocked “I killed her; Lord I killed her”. Shade was a colleague. We worked together in a financial institution as customer service representatives. I … Continue reading Marred Soul