Before The Darkness Episode Four

Prologue Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3/ The past week had been crazy for President Lange. Another village was hit by the black-death disease and the team sent to the village to find out what the cause of the disease was yet to get lucky. Aweda, the crazy doctor had been brought on board simply … Continue reading Before The Darkness Episode Four

We’re Telling Lies (2)

That day in the classroom happened ten years ago. They still fought, flirted with others and tried to best each other. The difference was their meetings were more intense and in the secret they blew up together. When they announced to the world that they were together, the world stood still for awhile with its … Continue reading We’re Telling Lies (2)


The Russian Connection (7): 2027

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 25 Location:  Castella Residence – Richmond, Virginia Meghan walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a white towel that hung loosely over her breasts and stopped just below her hips.  She shook her head, dislodging hidden water droplets from her hair and promptly crashed on the bed.  John Buchanan’s funeral … Continue reading The Russian Connection (7): 2027


The mention of Amaka made me stood still. Which Amaka? My Amaka or another one? I had to satisfy my curiosity. . . “Please sirs and mas, which Amaka are we talking about here?” I asked inquisitively. “And who are you to question a family matter?” the man who is claiming Amaka’s paternity fired back. … Continue reading MEMOIRS OF A REPENTANT SLUT ~ Episode 18

Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!

Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!

I’ve been reading some amazing stories and things God has been doing in the lives of the people who are “incomplete” to the physical world but are totally complete in the spiritual. It saddens me to see so many people who were so complete physically but they never realised their purpose in life. I was … Continue reading Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!

The Champion

The Champion

Uche sauntered into the square smiling confidently. Spectators cheered. The defending champion danced lightly, stopped and faced Ebube his challenger. They circled and sized each other. Tension built. They locked and with one deft move Ebube sent Uche’s back to the ground. Silence fell.