My new Husband Part1

I was woken from my day-dream by the drooping head of the heavily breasted lady by my side.
Turning and using my shoulder instinctively i nudged her off me.
Sorry, she said in a sleep laced voice, saliva dripping from the sides of her mouth.
My response to her was the best snobbish Lagos girl look I could muster as I surveyed the damage on my arm.
I sighed as I saw the tell-tale saliva stains right where her head had been.

How long had I been out?
Why had I allowed myself to be so worried about something I could do nothing about?
Mama had summoned me home, just the day before and she had been insistent.
Is anything wrong? How is baba, How about Aishat, Dauda and Ibro?, i asked in quick succession
I blurted out these questions only to get the cursory response that everything was fine.
Don’t worry, All is well, just come home she said.

So with my questions still unanswered, I packed my bags hurriedly that night, tried to get as much sleep as I could through the night and departed with the first bus to Lagos.
I knew that If it was any of the boys Mama or Baba would have sent some flight money or even booked tickets but it was just me, the girl.
We girls were treated like an unusual distraction; good only for marriage and taking care of the home.

I had left Ilorin unannounced, Nima was the closest thing to a friend and after Alkil’s birthday i didn’t bother to tell her i was travelling.
It was a year ago, I had never been a party person, so it had taken all of Nima’s charm to get me to attend.
I reluctantly agreed and i joined her to go to the off campus flat where Alkil stayed.
The room was dimly lit and Alkil received us joyfully and quickly introduced us to some of his friends.
Shortly after a nice tall looking guy who had introduced himself as Yusuf offered me a glass of punch and some finger food.

Moments later I started feeling dizzy and made my way to a room which Nima had said was a spare and rested on the bed.
I must have been sleeping for some time, when I was awakened by the feel of human hands groping my breasts, almost immediately i felt another hand over my privates.
I kicked out instinctively only to hear a voice which I have never been able to forget asking that I be held down.
They took their turns, all grunting as they finished as if from prior agreement.
They were like crazed animals, not bothering if the object of their lust was dead or if they were involved in a necrophilic orgy

I blocked out the minutes that followed from my memory, the only thing I recalled was that I had kept my eyes shut trying to wish away what was happening. My body, mind and my soul was being raped

2 thoughts on “My new Husband Part1” by chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice, though the way you introduced Nima and the flashback was a bit rushed. Also, while typing, remember to type the personal pronoun ‘i’ as ‘I’.

    Keep ’em coming.

  2. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Nice. I cant see the title reflecting in this first part and I guess that was deliberate.
    Another rape tale…Hmmm… May God deliver us from all this ‘women abuse syndrome’ in our country. Although too, the cause is not too far fetched from the victims previous actions in several cases.

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