The new girl (based on a true life story)

I sat on my seat looking out the window at the students being punished for late coming not minding what James was saying, he was always a talkative. It dawned on me that I had not completed my math assignment, this made me ponder on my fate at the math class which was the very first class of the day,” Mr. frank is coming!!!!” bola shouted as he came running into the class. My heart increased its tempo because I dreaded his whips which inflicted crucial pain.
As he walked into the class I entered a praying state, I begged for a miracle but instead I realized he was not alone. Behind him was a young lady, she was about my age, fair in complexion, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she was slender and walked with grace. For a moment, her sight calmed my beating heart not until I heard that voice which always inflicted fear in me and the rest of the students who were not math gurus. “Good morning students”, he said. With a funny tone as someone who had won a lottery, he was slim and tall, not even near the word handsome. To me, he was like a horror movie; your worst nightmare. ” This is Thelma; she is new in this class so treat her as your friend.” At the end of the class, he rewarded us as usual according to our performances in our assignment; God did not save me from his whips once again.
The next morning I went to school with gladness for I was to see the new girl once more. I had thought about her all through the night and never knew how to get her out of my head. The assembly had only started a few moments when I saw her walk past the school gate. This time, I felt warmth in my heart. This feeling was becoming annoying to me. I hated feeling this way, but I could not help it. Here we were in the class and I found her sitting behind me. This was not good for me because her sight made me feel funny, so I wondered what her voice or gaze would do to me for they were bound to happen. Then came the Agricultural science class, the students who were not offering this subject had to leave and this made me the only one on my sit, and all the students sitting behind had to come forward, there she was, sitting beside me. She sat down with ease, giving me a smile and I replied with a smile sheepishly, I dare not look into her eyes. Mr. Uzo the agric science teacher dictated his notes so fast. I on the other hand was good at writing fast, so I kept up with him. She was new to the system leaving her to look into my book for help where she got lost. At intervals she would ask me, “what did you write here ? I don’t understand it”; writing so fast made my writings so bad, one could barely understand it except James for he was my best friend and partner in crime. Her voice was so feminine, like a treble singer she sounded to me. Finally, she held my hands because I seemed to be carried away writing what the teacher had last dictated. Her touch was remarkably sensational that I had no idea that I shivered on feeling it. I quickly said what she was pointing at in other to be released from this torture. I looked at her and there was this brown eyes that matched with her perfect fair skin, it was then I realized her hair was so long and dark. “Is she a goddess or a mermaid ?”, I wondered as I kept looking into her eyes. The class went on. I realized how difficult it was for her to understand my writing, so I quickly changed my writing pattern. This made me slow and at the end of the day we were both lost in the class. This feeling towards Thelma got stronger as weeks went by. She was no longer new to the class. She was one of us now. I concealed this feeling to just myself and told no one but my friend James how I felt towards Thelma. I was in love for the very first time in my life. I was convinced of this love because it was magical whenever I saw her. I was not ugly, I was taller than she was, I was among the best students in the science division but found math difficult. I was a funny fellow, so innocent; with good morals and positive thought towards people and things around me. These qualities made me a diamond towards the girls. I was every girl’s dream lover, but someone had my heart. Finally, I decided to let her know how I felt about her, and maybe date her. Even though I had no idea what it meant to date a woman, I was willing to make her my first; I so much valued Thelma. I consulted James and told him my plans only for him to respond with a loud laughter. “Holy boy is in love!!! Better forget her and accept one of those girls who are madly in love with you because Thelma is dating Williams.” Those words spoilt my day. From that moment, I observed her behavior towards Williams and how funny they acted being together. Gradually, what James said were crystal clear. I felt betrayed. She must have noticed how I felt for her. I was late. Williams was not good for her; he only exploited women and went about gossiping how he did things with them, he was a flirt, he didn’t love her the way I did. I Hated Williams because he was dating the one woman I had fallen in love with. I shut my heart to have any likeness towards any other girl. I tried to hate her but I couldn’t, each moment I saw her felt like the first time. Everyone noticed this new attitude and found her to be the source. She eventually got to know everything and started snubbing me; innocent me, all I did was love someone who never loved me in return, now I got a taste of what my many admirers experienced. I accepted my fate and turned on a positive attitude towards everyone, but I could never get along with Williams and I never stopped loving Thelma. Not long after we graduated, they separated. Years passed by, but she avoided me for the guilt of what she had done to me in the years past, and here I was ever loving the new girl- Thelma

Author-Tito Ubabuko

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  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Teen crush. Nice one.

    Edit better:
    * bola ought to be Bola
    * some punctuations seem off e.g. check the sentence where you described the maths teacher.

  2. Melekan (@Melekan)

    Beautiful, just beautiful.
    Kinda hits a blow….. Nice write up bro

  3. Lovely!
    just need little editing.

  4. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    That thing about being good in everything science except maths is so true. Good story, all the best!

    1. Tito (@ubabukoTitoEbuka)

      tnks vanessa, i listen to ur tales on smooth fm

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